Moselle River

Moselle River, a tributary of the River Rhine, runs through France, Luxembourg, and Germany and offers a breathtaking drift through history and culture.

Castles on the Moselle River

Castles on Moselle River

Castles on Moselle River

Many castles and chateaus line the Moselle River, overlooking the waters and striking a stunning spectacle in the picturesque landscape of the region. Constructed in various periods and eras, the castles that grace the scenery of the Moselle River are, today, not only relics of the past but many, such as Chateau de Meinsberg, Schloss Berg, and Burg Bischofstein, remain in use after many decades, allowing visitors and guests to step through the pages of history. Other important castles include Chateau Fort du Sierck-les-Bains on the border of France and Germany, Burg Landshut and Ehrenburb, both commissioned by the Electorate of Trier, the Castle of Cochem, and a selection of others in various locations along the banks of the river.




Dating back to the time when this land was ruled by the Romans, Trier remains the oldest city in the country, residing on the banks of the Moselle River. Many attractions and monuments are dispersed throughout the city and feature the influence of the Ancient Romans, such as the well maintained signature city gate; also included in these attractions are the Roman baths, and the amphitheatre, which is still in use today.

Koblenz & Cochem

Koblenz & Cochem

Koblenz & Cochem

Settled at the convergence of the Moselle and Rhine Rivers, on both banks, Koblenz has existed as a crucial location, strategically and financially. Folks can stroll the charming streets and parks, visit the various monuments commemorating the past and culture, and hop a boat to drift along the river, viewing the sights and castles along the banks. Half timbered buildings, natural splendor, and legend all play a hand in the unmatched charm of Cochem, known as one of the prettiest villages set upon the Moselle River banks.

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