Rhine River Cruises

The Rhine River is one of the major rivers of Europe both in modern day and throughout Europe's long history. Flowing through multiple countries, the Rhine River and Danube River once served as the border for the Roman Empire. Today, Rhine river cruises provide travelers a chance to see not only historical sites of the ancient world, but a route that is still used to this day a major waterway for trading and carrying goods. Travelers who plan a Rhine River cruise will see a number of ancient castles and modern towns as they travel.

Rhine river vacations are most often available in Germany through the Viking Cruise company. The Viking specializes in cruises in Germany along the Rhine, the Danube and the Elbe Rivers. Viking ships offer cabins with beds that become couches during the day, private bathrooms and in-room telephones and TV's for guests. Travelers will also enjoy all-inclusive meal service; and some ships have heated swimming pools and bars on board. Due to their larger size, cruise ships for Rhine River cruises Germany tend to be among the most luxurious when compared to other river cruises in Europe and the United States.

Rhine River cruises in Germany can start as far north as the city of Rheinstetten, the German city where the river crosses the German border. From Rheinstetten, the Rhine River flows for another 1,000 kilometers through Germany. Along the way, a Rhine river cruise flows through the Rhine Gorge, a deep gorge which is one of the favorite sections of the river for passengers due to the number of ancient castles and wine vineyards in the valley. The gorge is also a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and sometimes referred to as the, "romantic Rhine" by cruisers and travelers.

The Lower Rhine is also a great place for Rhine river vacations as the river flows near the popular cities of Cologne, Duisburg and Dusseldorf. Dresden can also be reached quickly form Rhine River cruises Germany. Rhine River cruises in general last for about 5 days, but longer Rhine river cruises can be arranged. Travelers should expect to pay around 1,200 Euros for a 5-day cruise, with the price increasing for longer Rhine River vacations. First time cruisers can benefit from looking up information about cruise basics and the times to go on Rhine River cruises Germany. Summer will be the most expensive time to cruise the Rhine, and yet the weather will be warm and travelers will have the best chance of avoiding rain during the summer months. Some travelers combine their German Rhine River cruise with a cruise into France or even into Switzerland, where the Rhine River continues to flow and offers continued cruising options for passengers who just can't get enough River cruising in Europe.

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