River Cruises in France

Finding the perfect river cruise France offers can be the perfect solution for travelers looking for a more intimate cruise experience. Not only are river cruises in France organized on smaller boats, but the number of passengers rarely exceeds 25 per ship, and can even be as low as 5 or 6 passengers. France river cruises are relegated to the two prominent rivers in the country, the Seine and the Lorie, and the canals that connect them in a huge system of waterways that have been used much like highways by the French for many hundreds of years (since the 17th century). These canals also connect the rivers with the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Mediterranean Ocean, making these the best place for a river cruise France.

River cruises in France often leave from Paris, but only stay in that great city for a day at most. If you want to spend more time in Paris, plan a week or so of independent Paris traveling before your cruise leaves to see things such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Once onboard, most France river cruises will head for the French countryside and generally pass near smaller towns and open fields. A number of smaller inlets, streams and smaller rivers run out from the Seine and the Lorie, leaving a seemingly endless expanse of waterways for cruising.

A river cruise France is decidedly different than a large themed cruise or holiday cruise. River cruising is meant to offer travelers a view of a beautiful country from the water, as well as a look at some of the less traveled towns in a particular country. Popular ports for river cruises in France include the villages of Nemours, Chateau-Landon, Mocpoix and more of the great smaller towns found along the French canal system and waterways.

When onboard a France river cruise, you can still expect to have breakfast lunch and dinner included in the cost of your cruise ship ticket. Since there are few passengers on these smaller cruise ships, meals will usually feel more intimate, and dining rooms will be worlds away from the enormous dining rooms on larger cruise ships. One thing to remember on a smaller river cruise France is that unlike the larger cruise ships, there aren't unlimited buffets sitting out for guests around the clock. This means that you won't be snacking between meals on river cruises in France unless you have your own snacks. If this is a factor for you, be sure to pack some snacks or grab a bite while at port to enjoy between meals.

Tours and trips can be booked from river cruises, as well, and you can even book your land tours on the day of the tour once you reach the shore. First time cruisers may benefit from perusing some basic cruise tips for information about travelers insurance and river cruise attire.

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