River Cruises in Germany

The country of Germany is filled with opportunities for historical sightseeing. Trips to famous cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich make Germany vacations unforgettable. Since the end of World War II, the country has made great strides in rebuilding its infrastructure and ensuring that its best historical sights are available to tourists for viewing. A river cruise Germany is one of the many ways to see the interior of Germany. River cruises in Germany offer the comfort and convenience of an all-inclusive vacation, but still offer passengers the freedom to hop off the ship and see some of the best sights in Germany throughout the trip.

Germany river cruises are most often taken on the Rhine River, the Elbe River or the Danube. These major rivers for a river cruise Germany flow into nearby countries, adding to their popularity and making it possible for passengers to start their river cruises in Germany and end in another country. Along the Rhine River, cruises from the city of Basel in Germany can continue all the way up into Amsterdam, which takes about 5 days. From Amsterdam, travelers can either fly from the Rotterdam Airport or hot back on Germany river cruises to get back to Germany. Along the way, travelers will find some lovely river-side towns with attractions perfect for tourist exploration.

Another popular river cruise Germany is a 7-day cruise along the Elbe River. The Elbe River flows from Germany and on through Prague, a popular excursion for travelers who want to experience longer river cruises in Germany. This is also a popular cruise route because of the many interesting German cities found along the river, including Dusseldorf, Dresden, Cologne and the historically Roman city of Xanten.

Yet another of the most popular Germany river cruises is a cruise along the Danube, which makes its way through the Black Forest of Germany and through classic Bavaria and generally lasts around 8 days. Other towns along the way include Ingolstadt, Passau and Ulm. The cruise then leaves Germany, heading for Vienna and Budapest. It is possible to schedule a cruise that covers just the Germany section of this river or to schedule a longer cruise into the other European countries mentioned here.

Travelers should expect to pay between 650 and 1600 Euros for Germany river cruises, with the price increasing with the length of the cruise. Accommodations are small mainly because the ships themselves are small, and passengers will rarely see a ship with more than 200 passengers, while some ships will have just a dozen or so. If space is a major concern, try to book passage on a larger ship with more passengers. Food is included in most river cruises, but meal times are generally set, so bring along some snacks if you will need to eat between meals. First time cruisers may want to find some information regarding cruise basics, including information on what to wear, when to go and how to avoid getting sick.

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