Swan River Cruises

The Swan River is one of the major rivers of Western Australia and flows directly through the city of Perth, Australia. Weather along the Swan River and throughout Western Australia is hot and dry during the summer and cool and rainy during the winter. Although Perth is well-known for its excellent beaches and surfing, cruises along the famous Swan River are also a popular activity for tourists. Swan River cruises focus on dinner and daytime cruises rather than multiple day cruises. The Perth Swan River restaurant cruise, for example, is a great way to have dinner or lunch while cruising along the Swan River shoreline and chatting with fellow passengers.

One of the most popular tour companies for Swan River Cruises Western Australia is Captain Cook’s Cruising, which runs daytime Swan River cruises. Cruises depart from the city of Perth and the city of Fremantle, which is a town just downriver from Perth. Perth departures are in the early morning and early afternoon, while Fremantle departures are during mid-day. Captain Cook’s Swan River cruises Western Australia last for about three hours and are roundtrip. They do not include lunch or dinner unless passengers pay an additional fee. Costs are around $30 US for an adult and about half that for children. Special cruises, which include Aboriginal tours on land, can also be arranged for an additional fee.

Travelers who want to be sure their Swan River cruises involve food will enjoy a Perth Swan River restaurant cruise. Cruising companies such as Captain Cook’s or Oceanic Cruises of Australia operate wine and food tours. These Perth Swan River restaurant cruises last all day, generally leaving as early as 9:45am and returning in the evening around 5pm. Costs are between $100 and $175 per person and are generally friendly tours for adults rather than children. Travelers who plan a wine-tasting tour will have the chance to stop at multiple wineries along the Swan River, take a winery tour if they like, and enjoy cheeses, snacks and lunch aboard the ship while cruising. Wine is also available onboard the cruise ship.

Swan River cruises Western Australia are a great way to tour the Swan River Valley and enjoy the city of Perth. In addition to the Fremantle Harbor, attractions along the way include Lucky Bay, Freshwater Bay, and a number of other inlets, which are excellent places for taking pictures or just relaxing. Cruise ships traveling along the Swan River will generally slow or stop completely at attractions throughout the day to give passengers a chance to take pictures and walking around on land. The area known as "Hidden Gardens" is a particularly popular stop among travelers, where folks will see stone sculptures, a waterfall and, after a short hike, an excellent winery. Travelers taking these Swan River tours will usually have a choice between taking a shuttle back to Perth on land or returning to Perth by boat. You will need to make this choice before you book and be sure you have booked your desired choice.

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