San Juan Cruises

A San Juan cruise brings you to the glittering imperial city of the Caribbean, located on the northeastern shore of the island of Puerto Rico. Founded in 1521, this fortress-like yet welcoming place is a disarming array of opposites. So like the people, you may find that a San Juan cruise will enchant you with its exotic charms.

Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is just a short drive Northwest on Route 26 from San Juan, the largest city in Puerto Rico. This city is surrounded by water, the Atlantic Ocean to the North and the Bay of San Juan to the South, making it a strategic location to the Spanish, who used it as a stopover on their journeys to South America.

Only in Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the United States, can you can have an old world Spanish Feel, but with a unique Island charm. No worry about currency conversion here. You can arrive by plane at the seaport and depart on cruise packages or cheap cruises from San Juan aboard one of the fine ships that travel to other exotic locales further south in the Caribbean.

The people here are a mixture of native Taino Indian, Spanish Explorer, African Slaves, so the descendants of a combination of the three thereof. Many Puerto Ricans speak fluent English and have strong ties to the States.

While you're strolling down El Paseo de la Princesa (The Passage of the Princess) with the crashing waves of the Atlantic just a few feet away, you will feel something awake within you. Puerto Rico 's enchantment lies in its effect on the visitor. The lush evenings, brilliant sunsets, and old world charm with a dose of Latin romance will leave you with a dizzying spell that won't soon fade. Once you visit you will know why it is well known as La Isla del Encanto, or the Island of Enchantment.

The Spanish influence can be found in Puerto Rico 's history, its people, as well as its cuisine. Enormous walls and forts of all kinds encircle the city. Old San Juan 's colonial courtyards, cobbled streets, and stone villas remain as a link to the great history of this great old capitol of the Caribbean. Overlooking the San Juan bay is El Morro, a six-story fortress rising above the sea.

One of the best things to do in San Juan while on your cruise to San Juan is to simply walk. You will find a very relaxed pace here, and the friendly locals make it easy to strike up a conversation anytime. Old San Juan 's historic colonial neighborhood is filled with museums and fine art galleries.

Dress comfortably, bring plenty of sunscreen and prepare yourself for an afternoon that will be anything but ordinary. Visit the Institute of Puerto Rico, or the Museo de Arte e Historia, both of which will inform and inspire you as discover this tropical garden of delights and the people that live here.

You can spend days strolling the narrow streets and alleyways, and on every block you can find something to explore, whether it be a cozy Spanish restaurant or a hidden plaza surrounded by an ancient church. No matter your age or what your tastes, from Salsa to Deep Fried Plantains, the colorful flavors of the offerings of Puerto Rico are sure to delight your senses.

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