Silversea Cruise Line

Stunning new ships, all outside cabins, and perfect itineraries that are all executed with style, ease and grace await you on a Silversea Cruise. A relatively new name that is breaking the mold in the vacation cruise market, Silversea Cruises lives up to its name - the world looks different through the eyes of the traveler that has had the privilege of taking one of these cruises. By the time you have completed your journey, the world will keep its lovely colorful hues and the reflections on the water will remind you of what may have inspired the name.

Since 1992 Silversea cruises has offered generous accommodations, a phenomenally helpful crew, and smaller ships, which combine to create what is truly an indulgent experience. Hardwoods, tasteful art and magnificent balcony views set this fleet of 4 ships apart from any cruise line.

The name of the Byzantium to Catalonia cruise aboard the Silver Whisper alone will give you a hint of the magnificence that awaits you. Byzantium is the ancient name for what is now known as Istanbul, Turkey, a fascinating country which is an amalgam of early Greek settlement, later Islamic Ottoman Rule, and modern Turkish identity.

Ancient city walls, towering obelisks, and grand palaces from times past all make Istanbul a place that is rich in ambience and teeming with life. Wander through the

Separate rooms and generous bed sizes in the suites, sumptuous hardwood details, and marble sinks all add to the feeling of luxury aboard Silversea Cruise Line. Where a large cruise liner fails to give an intimate feeling, and where smaller sailing ships just don't provide the desired comforts is where Silversea cruises earns its excellent reputation, offering a luxurious slice of life that is so enjoyable that no other cruise you'll take again will even compare to.

As you cruise across the Aegean Sea to Greece, your captain might take it upon himself to announce a last minute rendezvous- excitedly, he may point out a pod of dolphins at play in the aquamarine sea, just as happy as you are to be there.

Enjoy a two hour walking tour of Delos, well known for its impressive archeological ruins. You will have to resist the temptation to run full speed through wildflower fields in amazing hues of red, purple and yellow. Puzzle at the erotic statues as you contemplate what role they might have played when this island was an important cultural and religious hub of ancient Greece.

Enjoy a day at the sea as you make your way towards the eastern Mediterranean towards the island of Sicily. Take this time to eat, drink, dance till you ache and spend blissfully lazy afternoons daydreaming and taking in the details of your fine ship.

The Roman influence is strongly felt here in Catania, the second largest city in Sicily after Palermo. This city, from its earliest Greek settlement in 729 BC, has gone through periods of prominence over the ages. Whether you wander peacefully through the ruins at Syracuse, or climb the slopes of the sleeping volcano mount Etna and take in the azure expanses, you will see why Catania 's importance has not diminished over the ages.

As you journey on to spain in your cruise, and your server hands you your drink with a knowing smile, you will take great comfort as you realize that a journey on the Silversea Cruise line is a destination within itself.

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