Singles Cruises By Age

Singles cruises under 30, 40, and 50 are good ways for cruisers to have fun, relax, and perhaps meet their dream partner. There are a good variety of singles cruises for travelers looking for love, including themed journeys such as singles bridge cruises or Christian singles cruises, where passengers can find partners and friends who share their own passions and lifestyle. While party cruises and spring break cruises bring younger people together, it can be more difficult for more mature adults. Thankfully, special singles cruises under 50, 40, and 30 are available to ensure those looking for a partner, or simply for friendship, are in the right company.

Singles cruises under 30

Many cruise lines offer singles cruises under 30. These not only make sure passengers are surrounded by their own age group, but often tend to put on more activities and larger parties. Carnival cruise line is famous for its singles cruises aimed at younger passengers. Their ships are known for keeping passengers busy all day, so cruisers can get to know each other through meet-and-greet parties, trips to festive islands, or while enjoying off-shore activities, such as diving or snorkeling. The Carnival line also tends to attract a greater percentage of 20- to 30-year-olds due to its reasonable rates and generally relaxed atmosphere. Royal Caribbean is another value cruise line that attracts younger singles. Their Mediterranean delights singles cruise is hailed as one of the best cruise deals for singles. The ship's itinerary takes in Barcelona, Marseilles, and Rome: three romantic cities in which to woo that special person.

Singles Cruises under 40

This can be a tricky age group, as those in their 30s may be looking for something a little more sophisticated. Carnival is a good line to go for, as they have recently launched their very first singles cruises under 40 itinerary. The eight-night long cruise in the Eastern Caribbean for 30- to 40-year-olds sets off from Fort Lauderdale and invites you to sail from St Thomas, sip rum in Antigua, and lounge on Nassau's pristine beaches along the way. Norwegian Cruise Line also offers cruises designed for under 40s. NCL is famous for its Freestyling Cruising concept, with no seating arrangements or set times for meals, and no formal clothing required. Their cruises, such as their Halloween singles cruises under 40, are known for their relaxed but elegant vibe, with plenty of flexible time in which to mingle.

Single Cruises under 50

There is a good range of cruise packages for the mature passenger, and single cruises under 50 are easy to come by, as this tends to be the cut-off point for most singles cruises. Crystal's Serenity recognizes the demand for singles cruises that don't attract rowdy party animals, and instead offer a sophisticated experience with lots of opportunities for informal meetings. Luxury cruise lines such as Crystal and Cunard, tend to attract a more mature clientele than value lines such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean. While younger cruisers may be happy to share cabins, more mature passengers will want their own space. Happily, Norwegian Cruise Line has introduced cabins on the Norwegian Epic that are sold as single accommodation, so singles can now sail in blissful solitude without having to pay for a double room.

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