South Pacific Cruises

Visiting the islands of the South Pacific by ship makes sense, since it is aptly known as the Water Continent. To the northeast of the Australia, and beyond New Zealand, lies eleven million square miles of ocean, are the ancient South Pacific Islands. Among the thousands of Islands, small and large, of Oceania, as it is also known, thirteen distinct Island Nations are to be found.

South Pacific Cruise
South Pacific Cruise

A South Pacific cruise might originate in Sydney, Australia. Or you can fly in to one of and begin your journey at one of the ports the exotic islands.

Extending from the Western Pacific Ocean to the Arafura Sea is Melanisia. This is one of three sections that Oceania is divided into. English and French are widely spoken here, although there are more than 200 languages spoken in the region. Closest to Australia, lies Papa New Guinea, the Eastern part of the Island of New Guinea.

Also known as the Pearl of the Pacific, The Solomon Islands is home to Giant Butterflies and lush rainforests. This South Pacific island's marvelous displays of flora and fauna will intrigue any nature lovers. Its unmatched snorkeling and exquisite beaches will exceed your tropical island fantasies.

Vanuatu is a group of Island due north of New Zealand. The waterfalls, jungles and volcanoes on these islands enhance the authentic experience of South Pacific life. White sand beaches meet coral reefs and volcanic basalt enrich these islands' natural beauty.

New Calendonia and Fiji are furthest south in Melanesia. Fiji is comprised of two large islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Visit the Fiji Museum in the capitol, Sivu, and learn about the islands rich history, with its inhabitants, who lived here as long as 3,500 years ago. New Calendonia's population speaks mainly French but they have ties to Australia 's aborigines. Try a local dish known as bougna , a mouthwatering mixture of taro, yam, sweet potato, banana, and pieces of chicken, lobster, or crab baked in a ground oven and served in banana leaves.

Anytime of year is perfect to cruise the South Pacific. The northern part, known are Micronesia, is devoid of a tourist season and enjoys fine weather year round. The Federated States of Micronesia has 15 main islands, and 92 outer islands. This is an excellent place for diving, and its undersea forest of shipwrecks is a scuba lovers' heaven.

Polynesia is the largest part of Oceania, and it includes islands such as the Hawaiian Islands to the North to Easter Island in the far south.

Tahiti, in French Polynesia, is an incredible beauty. If you arrive on a South Pacific cruise you will arrive at the port of Papeete. With its ebony peaks rising form the azure seas, miles of pristine beaches and its lush tropical lagoons, this is truly an island paradise.

It was no wonder that the impressionist painter Gauguin once chose to call this island home. There is a Paul Gauguin Museum for art lovers who would like to see his painting of Polynesian subjects and themes. Bora Bora is another fabulous place to discover. On these islands you will find lagoons and mysterious rock formations.

The South Pacific has a dizzying variety of choices for the visitor to the South Seas. Relax and take your time to discover the water continent of Oceania while enjoying your South Pacific cruise vacation.

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