Spring Break Cruises

Spring break cruises are a great way for students and other travelers with time off in the spring to kick back and have fun. Many spring break cruises are all inclusive, meaning that you simply have to choose your ship, make your booking, and everything else is taken care of for you. Of these vacations, Bahamas spring break cruises are especially popular, while voyages to the Mexican Riviera and other Caribbean destinations are also high up on the list. Most people associate spring break vacations with rowdy college crowds. While there are plenty of party cruises around during this time, you don't have to be in your twenties to take advantage of the fun. Furthermore, those wanting a more sedate experience can opt for luxurious, relaxing breaks on cruise ships that provide for more mature passengers, or who have couples-only cruises.

Booze cruises are popular in the spring break. These fun-filled voyages range from one-hour boat trips with a plentiful supply of drink, to all-night cruises that take passengers to the best night clubs in the area. Hawaii and Cape Cod are famous for their booze cruises, as is the Bahamas. Spring breakers in the mood for love will want to check the many singles cruises on offer in this vacation, and Cancun spring break photos show what a lovely destination Mexico is as well. There are a good selection of party cruises for singles on offer during the spring break, and cruisers can choose their ships by age range, or go for a general singles cruise. Singles cruises are a great way to meet other people, as they make sure that your time is spent mixing with your passengers, through meet-and-greet drinks, informal dinners, fun activities and buzzing clubs. Carnival and Royal Caribbean are good lines for party cruises as they attract a younger crowd than their luxury counterparts, like Cunard or Crystal. That said, all the major cruise lines offer cruises in the spring break, while many offer spring break cruise packages.

Finding spring break cruise packages can save you a good amount of money on your vacation. For cruise plus flight packages, its best to go straight to flight providers, as most cruise lines don't tend to offer them. They do, however, advertise dinner, beverage and theme cruise deals and packages. Carnival offers casino spring break cruises with deals and discounts for those who love gambling, the Princess Cruise ship Crown Princess offers a fitness package for those who want to use the vacation to get fit before the summer sets in. Some of the most popular spring break cruise packages take passengers to the Bahamas and surrounding Caribbean islands. Ships leave regularly from the coast of Florida and most are geared for party cruises. There are a selection of all-inclusive vacation packages to choose from, meaning activities, sports, clubs and meals are included in the price of the ticket. It's common for these cruises to hire top DJs for the voyage, so always take a look at who's playing before booking. These cruises normally stop off at several ports, including Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, so passengers can lounge on the beaches and check out the quaint old towns and lush tropical greenery of the islands.

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