Star Clipper Cruise Line

The Star Clipper Cruise line is the builder of the biggest traditional sailing ship in the world - the Royal Clipper. This enormous ship debuted in 2000 and since then has been offering exceptional cruises to the hardy explorer. Star Clipper has just three ships in its fleet, however, a great deal of time and love has been put into these vessels, as you will see when you cruise on Star Clipper.

The Star Clipper line was born when the owner, a Swedish born fellow by the name of Mikael Krafft, who was on a Caribbean cruise when he was inspired to built two enormous ships for cruising with yacht comfort and esthetics.

The Royal Clipper sails mainly to the Caribbean, a fitting destination for a sailing ship on whose deck you will want to spend a lot of time on. As you will soon discover, everytime the 42 sails are hoisted up the five enormous masts, the soundtrack music of “1492” accompanies the crews choreographed movements as they get ready to sail.

When the sails are deployed, the silhouette is just stunning. You may have a hard time leaving the ship and its fun maritime environment as you go to your shore excursion. This ship can accommodate 250 lucky passengers.

These are all definitely sailing ship so prepare yourself for a little rocking if the winds pick up. If you're bothered, just lie down and take a nap - when you wake up you might find yourself in smooth seas again.

You will not find any long lines or casinos on these ships. Because it is a small ship, there are no elevators, but is tons of deck room. The bridge is always open and the crew is relaxed, friendly and polite. The bathrooms are decorated with marble and the deck has beautiful fixtures, and benches of teak wood.

There is also tons of great food on these ships, a cook waiting to cook eggs to your liking, and the offerings are so plentiful you will almost never need to order room service, which is available in suites only. Two snack times with hot dishes are available in additional to regular meal times.

Because these are smaller vessels, there are unique moorings and stops along the way.

The back of this ship has a platform that can be raised and lowered for easy access to the water for swimming and snorkeling. Other tourists will look on in envy as you sail in absolute splendor and incredible style.

The two other vessels of this fleet are equally well appointed - the Star Flyer and the Star Clipper. The Star Clipper has been sailing since 1992 and was built in Belgium. These ships have more deck room per passenger than any vessels operating today. Everything is a little different on a Star Clipper cruise, at 5pm everyone converges on the bar for drinks, hot food and entertainment, which is usually a talented local performer. Often the crew, relaxed and at ease, will delight you with their antics as well.

If you're looking for a unique experience, climb aboard a Star Clipper - the whole time you will feel so at ease and pampered that you will feel as if you are aboard a private yacht. The personalized services and intimate setting is truly unparalleled.

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