Star Cruise Line

If you've ever wanted to try a cruise that is completely out of this world, try a Star Cruise. Based in Singapore, this cruise line has a fleet of 5 fine ships that sojourn to exotic Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and other stunning, exotic gems that dot the southeast Asian coastline.

The fleet of 5 medium sized cruise ships, replete with lounges, bars, karaoke and game rooms will more than satisfy your entertainment desires. The Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Aries and Taurus all await your perusal as you enjoy a thrilling adventure on cool blue waters of the south china seas.

The staterooms upon the Virgo are bright and roomy. These accommodations are vividly decorated; the rich palate of the comfortable furniture will give you a cheerful and exciting mood to discover the wonders of the orient.

You could spend hours in Singapore alone before departing on your cruise. A visit to the Jurong Bird Park, will give you a feeling for the incredible variety of flora and fauna that is native to this lush peninsula.

Langkawi, Malaysia is a rare beauty of the south china seas; it is gaining popularity as beach lovers marvel at the untouched beaches, misty rainforest and relaxed pulse of this resort island. Pulau Payar Marine Park is just one of the informative and breathtaking day excursions you can take. A visit to this park adds depth to your vacation, and introduces you to the habitat of the more than 90 species that make their home here.

Phuket, Thailand is a colorful mix of culture, metropolis and ancient city, here you can book an elephant ride into the jungle on a day trip to the adventure Safari Park. An excursion to the top of Rang Hill and indulge of one of the traditions of the monks here and enjoy some Thai Massage.

The intoxicating scents of the exotic flavors of Thai food will tempt the most discerning of food lovers. Fresh local ingredients and strange but delicious spices and sauces complement these hot, fragrant delights.

Anyone who has ever wanted to explore Hong Kong is in for a pleasant surprise on a Star Cruise. This glittering metropolis has long been known as one of the glittering jewels of the orient. This modern city is replete in modern influences and big business and yet it is steeped in the historical weaving that is the history of this port locale. Hong Kong offers the most diverse and international reputations, and it is a place where virtually every influence can be felt and experienced by the adventure traveler. Hong Kong has a social, cultural and political image that is distinct from its Chinese counter part. This struggle for identity has for, years, been the source of strain and unease between greater China and Hong Kong. A visit here, an open mind to the history, and a great cruise liner from Star Cruise Lines all combine to make a vacation that is fulfilling on every level.

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Star Cruise Line

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