Theme Cruises

Themed cruises are becoming an increasingly popular way to plan a vacation. From Disney cruise vacation for families with children to a single cruise vacation for those looking to meet someone special, themed cruises cover some seemingly obscure hobbies as well as family cruise vacations meant to make everyone happy. Themed cruises and cruise packages can be a great way to meet other people with shared interests or simply a way to relax amidst other families with small children to entertain.

Disney cruise vacations are hands-down the most popular choice for family cruise vacations. Disney cruise vacations can be enjoyed with destination of either Disneyland in California, or Disney World in Florida. Whichever you choose, these entertaining family cruise vacations will included themed meals where Mickey Mouse himself is likely to wish you good morning at breakfast, to themed activities for children organized by Sleeping Beauty and Goofy. Favorite Disney characters roam the halls of the ships saying hello to children, painting faces and more. Rooms can be decorated with Disney in mind, and these vacation packages will almost always include tickets to the Disney Park with the cost of the cruise.

Single cruise vacations are another popular theme among themed cruises. Cruises for gay and lesbian guests as well as all kinds of themed single cruise vacations geared toward bringing singles together are a popular way to travel. Activities on board are focused on engaging singles to bring folks together, and all kinds of fun amenities make singles cruising a great way to go for interested singles. These cruises are also a good choice for cruisers who want to avoid cruising with small children, as children are not welcome aboard singles cruises.

Special interest cruises are yet another variety of themed cruises. Special interest cruises generally work by having various special interest rooms set up onboard the ship, including everything from NASCAR to photography and beyond. This is a great way to connect with other travelers that have similar interests, and a fantastic way for couples to travel together who may want to split up at times to pursue their own interests. Some regular cruises will still have special interest areas where folks with special interests can meet up.

If you travel during the holidays, particularly during the Christmas holiday, you will experience a "theme" no matter which cruise ship you choose. Expect cruise ships to be fully decorated and activities and events to be centered on the holiday. For some travelers this is a plus, and for others it is detracting. Either way, it is good to be aware of the holiday spirit you are bound to encounter if you travel during any major holidays.

Themed cruises are available through all of the major cruise lines such as Princess, Carnival and Regent. Costs will not usually differ from the cost of a non-themed cruise, but the available dates for sailing may be more limited.

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Themed cruises are becoming an increasingly popular way to plan a vacation. F...

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