Transatlantic Cruises

Transatlantic cruises are an enchanting method of travel to Europe from North America or vice versa. Spend 10 or 30 days at sea traveling round trip from New York to London, from Fort Lauderdale to Venice, or from Miami to Marseille. The availability of cruise packages ensures that you can plan the perfect trip.

Before the arrival of the steam liner, the transatlantic cruise used to take a lot longer, when sailing ships crossed the Atlantic. Now this trip is much safer and enjoyable thanks to the large number of giant transatlantic cruise ships making this voyage every day.

Transatlantic cruises are unlike any other you have ever been on. Beginning your journey in a busy port city such as Miami, you feel the bustle of humanity as you board your tremendous ship. The feeling of excitement grows as you reach your cabin and prepare to return to deck to lift anchor.

The crew members will reflect the international flavor of your voyage. Between them and the passenger you will likely hear five languages spoken regularly. Many crewmembers will speak more than one language, so if you enjoy practicing your language skills you will have even more fun.

A well-appointed ship is essential to any transatlantic cruise voyage. With a little preparation and planning, you can make the most out of your cruise transatlantic trip. A number of the large cruise lines make this voyage regularly, and part of fun is deciding what kind of ship you want to have your experience on.

If you're coming from East to West, you can enjoy your European destinations before you even begin your journey. You also get the added pleasure of gaining an hour as you travel west.

With all those hours at sea, you will have all the time to do whatever it is that you please. If you're a dreamer you can find a nice quiet spot on the ship and gaze out into the blue water and think about the lost continent of Atlantis. If you like using your free time to get in shape and treat your body, you can go for an invigorating swim before breakfast then spend the afternoon walking or jogging on the deck. If you like to be entertained, you can use this time just as you would any other day off - enjoy an onboard movie or some drinks and a lively game of poker with your new friends.

You will almost feel surprised arriving at your transatlantic destination after so many days at sea. As you disembark in London you might find it a challenge to snap out of your reverie and then you will remember half the reason you booked your trip. Excitedly you will pack a day bag and prepare to disembark. As you leave the modernity of the ship and step into a teeming city filled with culture and history you will embrace this added dimension to your voyage wholeheartedly. A leisurely journey back will give you time to reflect and prepare for your journey home.

On a Transatlantic cruise you can voyage halfway across the globe in one trip - voyage across the Atlantic is a tremendous undertaking. Reflecting on your trip, dazzling memories of stunning sunlit plazas and ancient facades will fill your mind, you will truly feel like a world explorer after completing a journey like this.

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