Wedding Cruises

Planning a cruise wedding can be one of the best ways to combine the joy of your wedding with the beauty and fun of travel. Wedding cruise packages are available through almost every major cruise carrier, and wedding cruises are becoming an increasingly popular way to celebrate the big day while enjoying a vacation with your closest friends and family. Many ship companies even specialize in cruise ship weddings and offer cruise packages that not only include accommodation, but all of the necessary items for an entire cruise wedding.

Wedding cruises for travelers from the United States tend to be most popular to locations such as Mexico, the Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean. Not only are these places warm and sunny throughout much of the year, but their close proximity makes travel a bit easier on the wedding party and guests who may be coming to the wedding.

Putting together a cruise wedding can actually be a fairly simple process. Choosing a cruise company which specializes in wedding cruises is a great way to go, as these wedding cruises will feature their own wedding planner who will be familiar with the special needs of a wedding cruise. Most wedding cruise packages will include flowers, chairs, food and flights and cruise ship accommodations for all wedding party guests. These amenities are of course flexible to the needs of the wedding couple, but just about everything relevant to a wedding can be included in wedding cruise packages. Someone to officiate the ceremony can also be provided by wedding cruises if the couple does not bring their own.

One major advantage to a cruise ship wedding for many couples is the ease of going from the cruise ship wedding right into the cruise ship honeymoon. After the ceremony there is no cleanup for the wedding party, couples and guests. Everyone can all simply enjoy the company of one another and continue cruising. For adventurous couples and guests, a number of cruise ship activities can also booked as a group. Booking as a group can also be a good way to get a discounted price on the activities. Things like sea kayaking and onboard dances can be arranged through most cruise companies

For many couples, weather is a major consideration when planning wedding cruises. This is why warm, generally sunny locals are popular wedding cruise destinations. In order to get the best deals on cruises to these central and southern locations, try booking your wedding package well in advance. Many of the most popular wedding cruise companies do fill up, so you will have the best chance at getting your desired time and destination by booking as far in advance as possible. Booking 6-12 months in advance is not at all uncommon. In addition to booking early, couples can find deals on wedding packages by booking toward the beginning or the end of the "busy" season, rather than smack in the middle. This is another good way to try and get a better price on your entire wedding package.

Wedding Cruises

Wedding Cruises

Planning a cruise wedding can be one of the best ways to combine the joy of y...

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