Western Mexico Cruises

Colonial ruins and spectacular diving await you with Mexico cruise travel. The combination of leisure and culture make this a top destination for a cruise to Mexico. More and more travelers discover the bounties of this amazing country.

Western Mexico is the place where three cultures meet in a captivating display of richness. Sun-dappled Colonial Spanish towns lie minutes from impressive ancient ruins, and on top of modern Mexican culture, with its vibrant ceremonies and festivals.

You might depart from a city such as San Diego on your cruise to Mexico and head south to Baja California. The Baja Peninsula (Baja means below in Spanish) is an 1100 miles long fringe of paradise.

You first Mexico cruise travel stop might be in the northern coastal town of La Paz, (the peace is Spanish) a relaxed alternative from the bustle of Cabo San Lucas. Here the beach is tantalizingly free of vendors and stalls, but you can find a jet ski to rent if you are so inclined. If you are looking for silver there is tons of it here and it is easy to find really nice jewelry at reasonable prices.

If you want to see something different besides the beaches and the city, you go to Bahîa Magdalena for a whale-watching excursion during the annual migration, of a private party at La Paz in the Governors Mansion.

Although mostly overlooked by the Spanish, by the 50's and 60's Baja, and Cabo San Lucas specifically, had become a sought after spot for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. The surreal rock formations at Land's End give way to an untouched beach on the other side. And a nature preserve lies only minutes from the harbor.

February's Carnival is the third largest in the entire world, and should not be missed. Mazatlan, the largest ocean port city second to Acapulco, entices tourists with 15 miles of sun drenched beaches and beautiful weather. This place, while popular, is never too crowded and is very affordable. Two miles of untainted beach separate the Zona Dorada, or Golden Zone from the busy port to the north, which processes tons of shrimp annually.

The afternoon church bells will bring you out of your reverie as you remember that people live and work here every day. Stop by the market and strike up a conversation. Old and young, the people here have stories to tell and the faces and names will punctuate your visit with a warm human quality.

The oldest missionary church can be found in Loreto. This town is a nice break from the busier pace of other cruise ports. Enjoy a class on how to make ceviche, marinated fish in lime, and then enjoy it for lunch. Go for a few rounds of golf in the afternoon to work off the tortillas and salsa you also enjoyed.

From excellent food to the relaxed pace of beaches, you will never want to leave Mexico because you will wonder where you are going to find a meal and a drink like the one you just had back home. And you'll wish it were within driving distance because you'd likely be here every weekend if you could.

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