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When to Go on a Cruise
When to Go on a Cruise

Deciding which time of the year is best for cruising depends largely on your destination. Cruise packages to the far north to places like Alaska and Antarctica are best visited during the summer, while some regions south of the equator are most pleasant during the northern hemisphere's winter season. For the best deals on a discount cruise vacation, travelers will generally want to look for deals on cruises during that region's "off season", although it is also possible to find a last minute cruise vacation deal even during the busiest months.

Cruise vacation specials to the South Pacific can be found throughout the year. The most popular months for traveling to the South Pacific are the months from June until November, when the region experiences warm weather and fewer storms and rain showers. A cruise vacation package to the South Pacific can include trips to New Zealand, Australia, Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, although many cruise vacation packages to the South Pacific actually include stops at all of these areas. For a discount cruise vacation to the South Pacific, try booking your trip at the very beginning or very end of the busy season. There is still a chance that the weather will be bearable, and you may get a great cruise vacation special.

The Galapagos Islands is another of the world's most popular cruise destination. More than any other region, last minute cruise vacations to the Galapagos Islands are the primary way to find a good deal on cruise packages. Due to the fact that the Galapagos Islands are so close to the equator, weather on the islands is basically the same throughout the year. This means that apart from major holidays, there is no busy season for the islands. Last minute cruise vacations are the best way to find cruise vacation specials, and cater to travelers who have flexible travel plans, since "last minute" generally means just a week or two before departure.

Northern Europe, Alaska and Antarctica all experience their best weather for cruising during the Northern Hemisphere's summer, most specifically between May and September. The primary months for cruising are really during July and August, so look for deals on discount cruise vacations at the beginning and end of the season, especially in May and September. Temperature in these cold regions can go from very cold to moderately warm quite quickly, so be sure to bring layers so you can continue to change your clothing as the temperatures change.

For those traveling to South America, the Caribbean, or other locations south of the equator, stick to the months between November and May when possible. Although cruise lines do travel south year round, tropical storms and rain plague these areas during their summer months, and the weather will be far more pleasant during the northern hemisphere's winter. If weather is not a concern for your travels and you simply want to find the best deal, then it is possible to find deeply discounted tickets for cruise ships to the southern regions between June and September.

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