Windjammer Barefoot Cruises

Windjammer shut down in April 2008. Visit other cruise lines to book a Caribbean cruise.

Escape the bustle and confusion of large cruises and take a trip on Windjammer barefoot cruises. This company has a fleet of 6 tall ships that offer a one of a kind cruises to unspoiled destinations, and pristine beaches. The sailing fleet, established in 1947 by Captain Mike Burke; is known for the unequalled experience of the relaxed and casual affair that is a quintessential Windjammer barefoot Cruise.

Smaller boats like the Yankee clipper are some of the most intimate cruise experiences you will ever have. This ship carries 64 passengers when it's at full capacity. Mingle with other traveling couples, explore quiet beaches untouched by the masses, and enjoy personalized service on a Windjammer barefoot cruise.

The service provided on these cruises is unmatched. Whether you need help entertaining your teenagers or filling out visa forms, the crew of your ship will happily explore ways to suit your needs. The Amazing Grace is the motorized supply ship for the rest of the fleet that has a unique feel all its own. Spend almost your entire trip barefoot as the namesake implies and stroll confidently around the ship, secure in the knowledge that the deck is meticulously scrubbed every morning.

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises Fleet
Amazing Grace Flying Cloud Legacy
Mandalay Polynesia Yankee Clipper

This sturdy ship, built in 1955, is strong enough to weather the voyages across the north Atlantic as it begins its 13 days journey from Freeport Maine, to Trinidad without losing any of its classic charm, reflected in the gleaming and polished hardwoods that line this splendid vessel.

The boarding process will surprise you with its ease and efficiency. After embarking without delay and having your luggage whisked straight to your cabin, you will smile to realize the crew has not even broken a sweat and has dinner waiting for you already.

As you ease into the relaxed mind set typical aboard a Windjammer vessel, open your mind to the experience of your destination. The Polynesia, a 248 foot long beauty, also called the Caribbean. The Polynesia is completely refurbished but still has the vintage nautical charm that gave birth to this ship when it was built in 1938.

You will be eternally grateful and will be glad you chose Windjammer as you sail into view of an unspoiled island as the crew directs you to the best beaches, happy to await your return and gather your positive remarks after your perfect afternoon by the seaside.

Originally built by the French Navy, the Flying Cloud is a ship with a stunning silhouette. You will feel a real sense of history as you sail in this striking craft, complete with elegant touches such a spiral staircase and artful stained glass windows.

On your first night aboard the Windjammer Legacy, the fleet's newest vessel, you might enjoy a barbecue on the deck. Enjoy fun games accentuated by the “rum swizzles” you are served, and run to help hoist the sails if you feel so inclined. You will find it easy to strike up a conversation when you are having such an excellent time.

A Windjammer barefoot cruise is blissfully free of the hassle and headaches of the large cruise lines. As you sail away from port and into the cool blue of the Bahamian dusk, you might feel so relaxed and at peace as the ship sways gently back and forth that you may fall asleep right where you are, lying on the deck, the twinkling stars and the ocean breeze imprinting your dreams forever.

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