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If you have ever wanted to see it all, a cruise around the world might be the thing for you. Three or four months is all you need to go on an all around the world cruise. No waiting in airports, no luggage check-in, just unpack your things once and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime.

World travel cruise lines, experienced in navigating the seas, have itineraries and cruise packages that will make your head spin with exotic possibilities. You might depart from Los Angeles and set sail across the Pacific Ocean to your first stop at the Marquesas Islands. Visit exotic locales such as Tahiti and Bora Bora in French Polynesia escape like Gaugin to this island paradise.

A world cruise will take you across the Tropic of Capricorn until find yourself in Auckland New Zealand. Next up is the Sydney Harbor, with the well-known skyline dominated by the white façade of the Opera House. Across the Indian Ocean you will find Bali and Borneo, island nations rich in aquatic life and maritime history. The space of an entire month will pass in the first leg of this journey just by itself.

Cruise across the South China Sea and deep into the heart of Asia for a stop in Hong Kong, world famous for its free and international feel, this gem of the Orient will excite you from the moment you catch sight of its dazzling edifices. The gulf of Tonkin is home to Hanoi, Vietnam. Here, some of the most delicious food in all of Asia is to be found. The aroma of sizzling pans of stir-fried fish cooked in exotic spices will draw you to one of the many outside cafes.

The beauty of cruising lies in its sheer convenience. If you feel tired or overwhelmed by it all you can simply enjoy the view from the deck and plan for the next stop on you itinerary. Saigon, Vietnam is a dense metropolis teeming with life, culture and art. In the summer months many shops and cafes stay open well into the night, and fruit stands offering exotic and delicious fruit tempt you at every turn.

Bangkok and Singapore are two countries where the Buddhism has spread to its maximum extent. Gold spires reaching up the sky abound, and you can sense the calm and humble nature when you interact with the locals in these countries, in which religion plays an important part of daily life.

The religions of Islam and Buddhism converge elegantly as you continue on into the Bay of Bengal. Here, the continent of India, with its ancient Vedic history, beckons. You'll hardly realize that nearly two months have passed as the intrigues of Bombay and the Taj Mahal make you lose all sense of time. Bombay is a blood pumping city vibrating with devotional bhajrans and painted elephants. You will wonder why cows wander freely and don't have to work and why the monkeys are given soda and treats at a certain temple. In fascination you will ask will know that these animals are sacred to the Hindu.

The ancient world looms as you slowly reach the final leg of your round the world voyage. You mind prepares for the last stretch as you enter the Arabian Seas and visit Dubai, without question the wealthiest nation in the Middle East. Here there are streets that are actually paved with gold and the rest of the country is just as impeccable. You will not believe your eyes when you visit this desert kingdom.

Safaga, Egypt, and Petra, Jordan will all be a blur as you are replete with sights and sounds gathered over the previous months. Compared to the dizzying wonders of the Orient, the last stops in the Mediterranean ports of Roma, Monaco and Grenada seem mild and relaxing.

The last days are spent crossing the Atlantic, where you have ample time to absorb all you have seen. A couple of last stops in Bermuda and a Bahamian island will give you an opportunity to let your mind wander as you reflect on your journey- you are now a world traveler. You can return to the very last stop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a whole new perspective on life.

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