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While you won't find as many luxury Albania hotels as in other, more popular, locations in Europe, you will find that many of Albania's guesthouses and hotels make up for in charm what they lack in luxe. Some of the best value cheap hotels in Albania offer rustic quarters in traditional Ottoman-style houses, the comfort and intimacy of a boutique hotel, or easy access to some of Albania's gorgeous beaches.

One of the most authentic experiences you can have in Albania is staying in the historic Ottoman-style town of Berat. Crowned by Berat Castle, the charming white stone houses of the town, set against a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and the Osum River, are truly picturesque. In Berat, the Hotel Mangalemi offers top-notch hospitality housed in a traditional Ottoman home. The hotel is a far cry from its cookie-cutter, chain hotel counterparts, and has a unique interior designed to fit in with its historical surroundings. Carved wood shutters and balconies, whitewashed walls, tiled roofs, and windows that look out into the city or into the lovely and quiet courtyard garden, make you feel like you've gone back in time. A rooftop restaurant serves delicious local delicacies, and a good hot breakfast is included. Rooms are clean and quiet, comfortable but with a rustic charm, and the en suite bathrooms are spacious and well-equipped. Situated a mere three minutes’ walk from the bus station in the center of town, you are well-placed to explore the rest of Berat. With free wireless internet, you're also connected to the rest of the world. At extremely reasonable prices, this is one of the best cheap hotels in Albania.

If you're looking for a great place to stay right by some of Albania's spectacular beaches, you can't go wrong with one of the most beautiful Albania hotels, the Hotel Liro. Located close to the coastal town of Vlora, the hotel is set right on a cliff overlooking the sea, and has an absolutely spectacular view. However, it may not be suitable for those with accessibility issues, as there are many staircases and steps to climb to get to different parts of the hotel. Gorgeous balconies and outdoor restaurant areas set into the cliff look out onto the ocean, and down at the foot of the cliff, there is a private beach area where sun loungers and umbrellas are available. There is even a swimming pool that juts out into the ocean so you can swim more comfortably while feeling like you're in the sea. With very affordable rates, this is one of the cheap hotels in Albania that certainly doesn't feel cheap!

For those seeking hotels in Tirana, the Theranda Hotel may be a good option, a boutique hotel that feels luxurious and is spacious as well as spotless. While not as low priced as some of the cheap hotels in Albania, it is still very affordable especially compared with other European countries. Located in a lively downtown area, it is a great base from which to explore Tirana. The entire hotel is painted in soothing shades of white, with a few splashes of soft color and modern décor, which makes for a quiet spa-like feel. Rooms are spacious and comfortable with the added benefits of wireless internet and air-conditioning. An ample breakfast is provided, and there is a bar area for the evenings if you'd like a drink before heading out on the town. As with most Albania hotels, however, it is best to pay in cash—credit cards are accepted, but the exchange rate is not particularly favorable for travelers.

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