Albania Beaches

Albania beaches are some of the undiscovered gems of the Mediterranean coast. The Albanian Riviera is dotted with beaches on the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, many of which are incredibly pristine and untouched when compared to the crowded beaches of Europe. Surrounded by limestone mountains covered in grass and flowers, staying at one of the Albania beaches is truly a treat, and with extremely affordable prices, an incredible value.

Albania Beaches
Albania Beaches

If you're looking for pristine secluded beaches, look no further than the town of Dhermi, a beach town on the coast of Albania. Dhermi has a few restaurants and hotels, and Dhermi beach is nice, with a pebble and sand beach and some guesthouses close to the water, which in this area is crystal clear. There are some spectacular vistas of the mountains from the beach as well. As you roam the beach you may notice several concrete bunkers left over from Albania's communist past. However, it is the beaches near Dhermi to the north and south that make this town a hub on the Albanian beach circuit. Although the roads are poor, traveling north of Dhermi will take you to various secluded coves and beaches, and eventually to Drymades Beach, a huge swath of white sand and sparkling turquoise water, truly a vision of paradise. A laid-back restaurant provides refreshment for the day on the beach, and you won't want to leave the sun and clear waters. The entire area has a sleepy, laid-back atmosphere, perfect for those who need to get away from it all.

Another popular area to go for Albania beaches is the town of Vlora Albania. Located in the Bay of Vlora, it is a short drive from the village of Dhermi and is a relatively large town for Albania, with close to 100,000 inhabitants. There are a multitude of hotels and restaurants in Vlora Albania, with many hotels fronting Vlora Beach, and pleasant, palm-lined boulevards that make you feel that you are truly on vacation! You'll find many resort-type hotels dotted around the bay with private beaches, sun umbrellas and loungers, restaurants and bars, right on the waterfront. Although the atmosphere is somewhat touristy in Vlora Albania, it is a good base from which to explore the more secluded beaches further afield.

Saranda in the south of Albania is known as the gateway to the south of the country, and is where many tourists will go to find some of the most beautiful stretches of sand. Saranda itself is a large tourist base with plenty of hotels and vacation rentals near Saranda beach and a nice waterfront promenade. However, it is the beaches near Saranda that are truly beautiful, such as the beach near Ksamil, a half-hour's drive south of Saranda. The pristine white sand beach is gorgeous and secluded and the water is limpid and clear. A laid-back beach restaurant provides sustenance for the day, and after a day of swimming to some of the little islands located just off the beach, you'll be ravenous. A couple of small hotels cater to tourists who want to stay in Ksamil.

Albania's beaches are among the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean, and the discerning traveler will plan a visit soon, before hordes of tourists discover Albania's coastal beauties and descend upon them in droves.



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