Austria Cruises

Austria cruises down the legendary Danube River are an excellent way to take in some of the beautiful Austrian countryside. As you watch quaint villages and ancient castles go by from your waterborne craft, you'll get a feeling of what life was and is like along one of Europe's most recognizable rivers. A Danube River cruise can last a few hours to the better part of a day, or span the course of two weeks depending on how far you want to take the aquatic road. Also, since there are Austria cruises that include other countries, you can enjoy a continental experience should that suit your fancy.

A Danube River cruise will see you navigating the waters of Europe's second biggest river, and a cherished river it is. Honored in waltzes and other musical scores, it is certainly dear to the hearts of Vienna's citizens. Vienna is the best place to base yourself if Austria river cruises are on your agenda, as this vibrant and historic capital city rests right on the river's banks. When looking for things to do in Vienna, a river cruise Vienna experience is an excellent way to do some sightseeing. As you pass through the channel alongside the Old Town, you can imagine yourself a trader in the Middle Ages, transporting your goods downstream. Some of the structures you will see won't all be ancient however, and among the highlights are the UN headquarters, the Danube Tower, and Danube Island. Danube Island is a nice leisure area where plenty of Viennese citizens like to relax in their down time.

For those who want to see and experience more than just Vienna during their Danube River cruise, enjoying an extended version is the way to go. Some of the Austria cruises that are available to tourists are multiday trips that will see you docking at numerous European cities. More often than not, these Austria river cruises will offer guided tours at your featured destinations along the way. Melk Abbey is often a stop along the way, and a guided tour of the impressive monastery is a nice side treat. As you continue on to Vienna, you will get the chance to explore such attractions as St Stephens Cathedral, the Vienna Opera House, and Hofburg Palace. After your guided tour ends, you will likely be allotted some free time to further explore as you please. Perhaps you will indulge in some authentic Austrian cuisine at one of the many Vienna restaurants, or maybe a shopping spree on Karntnerstrasse street will pique your interest.

When you book extended Austria river cruises, they can start all the way up in Amsterdam, where for the initial leg of your journey, you'll be cruising along the Rhine. After stopping in Germany and Austria along the way, you can head further on to Slovakia and Budapest. It's really an amazing thing to be able to experience all of these different countries on an extended Danube River cruise. Your accommodations will be rooms on the ship, and all your meals are usually covered, making the experience akin to an all inclusive getaway. It's really a fun, low-hassle way to go.

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