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It wasn't too long ago that Austria cycling was a relatively rare pursuit, but these days, it's getting recognition as one of the best ways to take in the beautiful Austrian countryside. Whether you arrange a guided Austria biking tour or head out on your own, Austria cycling is a joy. This is especially true if you go biking in the Alps, where some of the world's best alpine scenery awaits you. Of course, biking in the Alps will have its ups and downs, literally speaking, so you will want to whip yourself into shape before you do any Alps cycling. In addition to biking in the Alps, visitors can also enjoy biking in Austria's cities. Touring about Vienna on two wheels, for example, can be a great way to get around to a bunch of different attractions. Just be keen to watch out for city traffic!

Austria biking is becoming so popular that during the warmer months, it is possible to rent a bicycle at some of the country's main railroad stations. You'll just need a photo ID, and of course some money, and you're off. Since bicycles can be loaded onto the baggage cars of most Austrian trains, you can take your bike with you wherever you choose to go. Also, when you rent a bike at a train station, you can often return it at a different one. So, for example, if you rent a bike at the train station in Vienna, you can return it to the train station in Salzburg, taking time between the two destinations to enjoy a bit of riding.

Mountain biking Austria and its mountainous terrain is not only a good workout, but also a great way to take it all in and bond with friends. Alps cycling can see you sticking to main roads and well-worn paths if you please, but the more adventurous souls will likely prefer a more strenuous kind of experience. Salzburg is an ideal destination for those looking to go biking in the Alps. At Kaprun Resort, which is close to Salzburg, the 2002 Mountain Bike World Championships were held, so you can bet that the trails here have everything that you could want. Renting a mountain bike in Austria is easy when you head to such destinations as Salzburg. More and more mountain bike rental companies are springing up near the country's featured spots, giving you the chance to shred up some mountain trails across the land.

While mountain biking is great for some, others might appreciate a more casual Alps cycling experience. There are plenty of tour groups that can take you on guided tours that are more leisurely than a mountain biking outing would be. In the far west Austrian state of Vorarlberg, you can stick to a specific trail that offers no real surprises, other than the scenery. The Vorarlberg Bicycle Trail connects the Austrian cities of Bregenz and Bludenz, and there is plenty to see along the way, including beautiful Lake Constance, where Bregenz graces the shoreline. Take in a castle along the way, or enjoy a tour of a chocolate factory. These are the kinds of delights that await you on Austria biking tours. Back in Salzburg, one of the bicycle tours that you can arrange will highlight sights and sounds associated with the hit 1965 movie The Sound of Music.

Biking in the Alps back west is surely a blast, but for those who are looking for a different experience, the Danube Bike Trail is worth checking out. The trail enters Austria at the German border town of Passau. It follows the Danube in a southerly direction passing through such Austrian cities as Linz and Vienna. Among the highlights of this trail is the Austrian Wachau region, which is known for its wineries and for its castles. Formerly a palace, and now a monastery, Melk Abbey is one of the Wachau region's top attractions. Visually stunning, it looms over the Danube from its rocky perch. For those who are interested, you can take the Danube River Trail through Austria and on to Slovakia.

There are just so many different options when its comes to Austria biking, and wherever you go in the country, you should be able to find a bicycle rental company close by. Some hotels even have bikes for guests to use either for a small fee or for free, so taking advantage of that is always an option. Whether its navigating your way around city streets or tackling the backroads and mountains, Austria cycling can offer a means of sightseeing that is a bit of a break from the norm. Rent a bike on your Austria vacation, and see for yourself just how rewarding Austria biking can be.

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