Fishing in Austria

Fishing in Austria is just one of the many great ways to enjoy your time while vacationing in this alpine paradise. Unbeknownst to some, Austria is an exceptional place to do some fishing - its clean lakes, rivers, and streams holding a bounty of pike, char, and trout, among other species. Also, as one might expect in an alpine destination, fly fishing is growing in popularity in Austria, and the amazing scenery is something to look at while you wait for that trout to snare your line.

Fly fishing Austria is something that even the most seasoned of fly fisherpeople will love. The relaxing feeling of casting your line while you stand thigh or even waist-deep in an alpine river or lake is enough to make you want to add a few more weeks to your trip. Fly fishing Austria is about as good as it gets, and according to some, it's the best freshwater fly fishing around. Some of the best rivers for fly fishing in Austria are found in lower Austria, and for those who want some abundant scenery, Alps fly fishing is where it's at. For some of the best Alps fly fishing you will find, the Fuscher Ache River in Tyrol is a good bet. This river passes through the scenic Hohe Tauern National Park, and it flows just under Mt Grossglockner, which is country's highest peak. When it comes to fly fishing Austria, the villages of Bruck and Fusch are ideal, offering access to the trout-laden Fuscher Ache River.

Another great destination for Alps fishing is the casual resort town of Zell am See, which is found just south of Salzburg. While Zell am See is prime for skiing in the winter, come summertime, the fish are biting. About an hour's drive from Zell am See are the rivers Oncle and Lofer, which not only yield trout, but also some grayling. You can also try your hand at lake fishing when visiting Zell am See, and guides can be hired on request. The good thing about hiring a guide is that they will know exactly where to take you. It could save you a whole lot of time, and since you have to pay for a fishing license in Austria, you probably won't want to fuss around looking for a good spot when you could be fishing.

Finding the best fishing in Austria is often hard when you go about looking on your own, and for that reason, it is a good idea to hire a guide. That is unless you already know where you want to go. As mentioned, lower Austria has some of the best fishing Austria offers, and you can also stick to the western reaches of the country as well. The Austrian states of Salzburg, Carinthia, and Vorarlberg are all quality fishing destinations, as is Tyrol. In Vorarlberg, the state capital of Bregenz is where you can find some fishing guides. They'll take you out on Lake Constance, which is a beautiful alpine lake. To complement your Alps fishing trips back west, you can also head east to where the mountains turn into hills and see what the Danube River has to offer. There are a sufficient number of fishing charter companies in Austria, so arranging your Austria fishing excursions should not be difficult. More often than not, you can simply ask the staff or concierge at your Austria hotel, and they can point you in the right direction.

The best time to go fishing in Austria is during the warmer months. In the winter, heavy snow and cold temperatures tend to dissuade a lot of anglers, and ice-fishing isn't exactly as popular in Austria as it is in Michigan or Wisconsin. As mentioned, you will need a permit to go fishing in Austria, and if you are fishing on private land, you will also need permission from the landowner. Generally, you are only allowed to keep a few fish at best. Most of the Austrian fishing waters are stocked, and to keep numbers healthy, they have to watch what folks take out of the water. If you don't have your own fishing equipment, you can arrange for guided fishing trips where everything is supplied for you.

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