Austria Hiking

Austria's predominantly mountainous landscape is utterly breathtaking, and one of the best ways to take in this picturesque land is by doing a bit of Austria hiking, or trekking as it is also known. Austria hiking is a dream, as more than 60 percent of the country is characterized by mountains and hills, and since the best Austria trails are well-marked, you can have a relatively hassle-free blast while traipsing about.

Organized guided hikes in Austria are always a good idea if you are looking to hit some of the top spots, though even if you're sticking to one of the Austrian cities. You should be able to find a nearby hill or mountain to hike up for some great city views. Festungsberg Hill in Salzburg, for example, dominates the city's skyline, and though there is a cable car that can take you to the top, it's a great hike up for those who choose to stick to their own two feet. You will be rewarded for your hike up Festungberg Hill with the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is one of the best castles in Austria. Extended guided hiking tours can be enjoyed by serious hikers in Austria, and some of them even include terrain in other countries, such as Germany and Italy. These kinds of extended hikes in Austria can last up to a week or more, and along the way, you might do some camping or stay at one of the many huts across the country. These trekking huts are simple, but they provide a safe place to lay your head for the night. This can be extremely convenient when you find yourself experiencing inclement weather in the Austrian Alps.

One of the best parts of the country for Austria hiking is the state of Tyrol, which is where you will find Austria's tallest peaks. When hiking here, you can enjoy wildflower meadows, peer across vast valleys, and gawk at many a majestic mountain. East of Innsbruck, which is the capital of Tyrol, you will find the Zillertal Valley, which offers up some top notch Austria trails. There is a network of footpaths that works its way through the Alps here, and the scenery is simply breathtaking. While the lower trails in the Zillertal Valley are thoroughly enjoyable, you can also entertain the idea of taking a lift to get to the higher elevations. Interestingly enough, the Tuxer Gletscher (glacier) is found in the Zillertal Alps, and you can ski here year round if you please!

Another great place to find some of the best Austria trails is in the Alpbach Valley, which is also in Tyrol. Guided hikes can be arranged here, and among the highlights along the way are a silver mine that dates to the fifteenth century and a glassblowing town that thrived in the Middle Ages. While enjoying an Austria trek in the Alpbach Valley, you'll be able to visit the town of Alpbach itself, which has been considered Austria"s most beautiful village. Should you opt for the guided hiking tour here, you will stay in comfortable, 3-star hotels, and your breakfasts and dinners will be included in the rates.

Some of the Austria trails in the high mountains can get hairy, so if your idea of a fun Austria trek doesn't involve having to watch your step the whole way, you might stick to some easier slopes. You can visit one of the many Austrian tour providers across the country for help finding the ideal Austria trails for you. Also, many Austria hotels can help you find fitting trails, as they are great resources for travel information. Whenever you are unsure of the conditions of the trails that you have selected for hikes in Austria, it's a good idea to hire a guide just to be safe. Safety, after all, is the first priority when it comes to hiking in Austria. As such, you will want to obey any and all signs that you see on the Austria trails. Should you see a sign warning about avalanches, for instance, you will want to heed the warning, even in the summer when you can still see snow on the ground. If a bit of mountaineering is something that you plan on enjoying in addition to hiking in Austria, bringing suitable equipment is imperative. Warm, protective clothing and good hiking boots are a good start. Oh, and don't forget that camera!

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