Austria Holidays

An Austria holiday can mean many different things, and there is truly something for everyone to enjoy in this picturesque land. From historic castles to breathtaking alpine vistas, the Austria attractions are many. One of the great things about enjoying a holiday in Austria is the fact that those coming from the UK don't have far to fly. Of course, you can always drive yourself, or hop on a train or bus as well, but when you go by air you can be here in just a couple of hours. Awaiting you once you arrive on your Austria holiday will be a host of alluring things to do and see, and chances are good that you will be back one day. A country as magical and culturally rich as Austria deserves a second look, if not a third or fourth.

When planning your Austria holiday, you might be overwhelmed with all the possibilities when it comes to destinations, attractions, accommodations, and things the like. However, fret not, because all of these are in great abundance across the country, meaning that wherever you find yourself in Austria, a great travel experience awaits you. Many travelers to Austria like to arrive in either Vienna or Salzburg, from which they may then head on to other great destinations further off. Both of these main cities are spectacular, boasting enough to fill a week's vacation on their own. Spend some time in Vienna during your holiday in Austria, and you can tour castles like Schonbrunn Palace, take a cruise down the Danube River, explore the nearby wine country, or any number of other things. Salzburg is equally as rich, and among the featured attractions in this attractive city are the mighty Hohensalzburg Fortress and Mozarts Geburtshaus. Guided tours of both these cities, and other Austrian cities for that matter, are a great way to learn all about them.

An Austria ski holiday is the aim of many, and come wintertime, some of the best skiing in the world can be had here. Innsbruck is the country's top wintertime hangout, with the exclusive resorts of Lech and Zurs also attracting scores of skiers. These aren't the only destinations where you can enjoy a top notch Austria ski holiday, however, as Zell am See and Klagenfurt might have something to say about it. When planning an Austria ski holiday, be sure to keep an eye out for ski-related vacation packages, as these can be a good way to secure some Austria holiday deals. When the snow melts on most of the ski runs in Austria, the ski resorts become summer resorts, where things like hiking, golf, and fishing can be enjoyed. Skiers who missed the ski season will also be happy to know that enjoying an Austria ski holiday can still happen in the middle of summer. There are a few glaciers in Austria where you can ski no matter the month!

There are a bunch of different Austria holiday packages to choose from, with ski packages being just one of them. These packages can offer the least stressful way to book your holiday in Austria, as they usually include things like your flight, your accommodations, your airport transfers, further ground transportation, and tours on the side. Also, if you want to pair a holiday in Austria with a visit to other European countries, you can book a more continental travel package. Imagine not only getting to see some of what dynamic Austria has to offer, but also what the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, or Italy might have in store for you. There seems no end to the possibilities when it comes to Austria holidays, so book yours soon, and treat yourself to a wonderful escape in the heart of Europe.



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