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Sure, there are a bunch of dazzling luxury hotels in Austria, but not every travel budget can accommodate them. Saving as much as you can on lodging in Austria is important for those who are traveling on a budget, and for some, a long list of amenities is not necessary. When you need affordable lodging in Austria, the Austria hostels and pensions are at your service. There really isn't a difference between the hostels and the pensions in Austria, and among the options, you will find that many are quite nice. Austria hostels tend to offer higher standards than you will find in other countries, which is music to the ears of budget travelers.

The Austria hostels and pensions are usually small in size, though some of the examples that are found in the larger cities offer more rooms. As mentioned, these affordable lodging options tend to be quite nice, many offering units that even boast private bathrooms, air-conditioning, and cable TV. It is customary at the Austria hostels or pensions for linens to be provided to you upon check in, and there will be a place where you can store your luggage should you need. A simple breakfast will often figure into the rates, and guests will also be able to access a guest kitchen. A common room and a TV room are facilities to be expected at the pensions and hostels in Austria, and some establishments rent bicycles that can be used to tour about town. Internet access is sometimes also offered to guests, either for free or for a small fee. It is possible to get a private room at many Austria hostels or pensions, or you can spend less and share a multi-bed room with other travelers. If you are sharing a bathroom with other travelers as well, you should expect the bathroom to be both clean and functional with plenty of hot water on tap.

There are Austria pensions and hostels in all the right places, so you won't have to break the bank to enjoy some of the country's top destinations. As one might expect, the larger cities in Austria are home to quite a few discount hotels. In Vienna, the K&T Boardinghouse is just one example of a cheap hostel in Austria. Though it only has three rooms, these rooms are quite nice for the price. They are more-or-less akin to standard hotel rooms. You'll enjoy private bathrooms here, which is typical of the Austria pensions and hostels, and extras like cable TV and air conditioning help to seal the deal. The K&T only has 3 rooms, but there are larger Vienna hostels to choose from as well, such as the Palace Hostel, which offers 41 rooms, or the Hostel Hutteldorf, which has 60 guest units on hand.

Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart, is one of Austria's top cities for tourism, and among the choices for Salzburg hotels are some nice budget accommodations. Much like some of the hostels in Vienna, a handful of the Salzburg hostels don't have you sacrificing location for a good deal. Found near the center of Salzburg, the Kolpinghaus Salzburg is just one example of this. The rooms at this cheap hostel in Austria are quite nice, and each features a private bathroom with a shower and a WC. Some of the rooms also offer internet access and TV. It's typical for the city hostels in Austria to have a bar and some other facilities, and the Kolpinghaus Salzburg follows suit, providing its guests with a bar, a restaurant, a café, and a fitness room. Music fans won't want to miss the birthplace and childhood home of Mozart when in Salzburg. It is called Mozarts Geburtshaus, and it"s in the very heart of town.

When it comes to the Austria hostels and the Austria pensions, the main difference between the two is the fact that some of the pensions can be quite luxurious. With the Austria hostels, your choices tend to be more standard. Both options are in good supply, even if you choose to veer off of the beaten path for a bit. In the Austrian state of Lower Austria, for example, the town of Schottwien is a possible destination to consider. Here, you will find a family pension that offers some pretty spectacular apartment units for the price. It just goes to show you how many different options there are for cheap Austria pensions and hostels. Even though a list of amenities, such as cable TV, a private bathroom, and a full kitchen are standard in the Schottwien apartment pension, you'll still pay a relatively low price. So budget travelers fear not when it comes to finding a cheap hostel in Austria. There are plenty of excellent choices across the land.

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