Austria Resorts

When planning an Austrian getaway, many travelers like to look into the Austria resorts, which are prime for activities, relaxation, dining, and so much more. A typical resort in Austria will have everything that you will need to have a good time, including great accommodations, a list of recreational pursuits to enjoy, and even a spa or two. Deciding which are the best resorts in Austria is a difficult task, as there are a bunch of good ones worth visiting, so perhaps you'll have to drop in on a few to see what's going on.

For many, the best resorts in Austria are the famed Austrian ski resorts. Towns like Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Zell am See welcome thousands of visitors every year, and if you are looking to enjoy some Austria skiing, these are some of the top places to go. Innsbruck is the top all around wintertime resort in Austria, and since there are half a dozen ski resorts surrounding the city, getting on the slopes isn't hard to do. Besides world-class ski runs, Innsbruck also offers a list of great ski lodges. These lodges are the kind that keep a rustic fire going for when the weather outside is frightful, or just really cold. When you choose Innsbruck as your wintertime resort in Austria, your ski pass will get you into all the area ski resorts, which is a great bonus. Innsbruck is the capital of the Tyrol state, where you will definitely find some of the best resorts in Austria, and among the others is Kitzbuhel. A renowned international resort in Austria, Kitzbuhel is a blast for skiers, and much like Innsbruck, it's also a great place to be in the summer.

For those seeking out exclusive luxury resorts for their vacation in Austria, the state of Vorarlberg is a good place to start. It is here that you will find both Lech and Lurs, which are happy "neighbors" with just 2.5 miles between them. When its cold out, these two resorts become some of the top ski resorts in Austria, offering a range of trails for all levels of skiers. Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, and it is here that you will likely arrive before heading off to the posh resorts of Lechs and Zurs. Buses are the best way to get back and forth between Lech and Zurs, and you can also use them to hit other smaller satellite resorts in the area, like Oberlech. Back near Salzburg, the aforementioned resort town of Zell am See offers a more casual approach to things, and it's a great place to not only enjoy some skiing in the winter, but also a range of activities in the summer. In the summertime, skiing in Zell am See takes a back seat to things like golf and horseback riding, which is typical of Austria resorts. It's also a great time to take in some of the interesting Zell am See attractions, like the eleventh century Romanesque church, and the sixteenth century Rosenberg Castle.

All of the Austria resorts discussed here are great destinations any time of year, and they surely deserve mention among the best resorts in Austria. When you visit a resort in Austria, outdoor activities are surely part of the agenda, but when it's time to recharge those batteries, you can enjoy the culinary choices at hand. Some of the best restaurants in Austria can be found in the top resort destinations, and there's nothing like a warm, authentic Austrian meal after a full day outside. While there are a bunch of great luxury hotels to choose from at the Austria resorts, there are also more affordable lodging options as well, including hostels. Also, you can opt to forego the hotel experience for a vacation rental if you prefer.

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