Austria Spas

The Austria spas are in good number, and for some, they are the main reason for planning an Austria vacation. Whether you opt for a hotel spa or go as far as visiting one of the Austria's renowned spa towns, relaxation and rejuvenation are the names of the game. An Austria vacation can surely wear you out, what with all the skiing, hiking, and such, so treating yourself to a spa session on the side can be just what the doctor ordered. For those who are really serious about enjoying the Austria spas, an Austria spa holiday is always something to think about.

Just south of Vienna is the spa town of Baden, which was originally founded by Romans hundreds of years ago. In time, Austrian royalty would take notice of the spas here, and make it their summer residence of sorts. Lovely villas were erected, and several parks were installed. Among past visitors to Baden was the famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, who had his own residence here. When you're not enjoying a thermal spa Austria experience in Baden, you can check out some of Beethoven's past haunts. At Rathausgasse 10, the residence has been converted into a museum that is open to the public. Among the featured facilities in Baden is the Strandbad (beach baths). Not only does Strandbad offer up gallons upon gallons of warm, therapeutic water, but also a sand beach that is actually the largest in the country. There are massage nozzles in the pools, massage beds where you can relieve tired muscles, and a fun pool for kids with a water slide. As is customary at the hot springs Austria spa towns, more than just water treatments and massages are available at Baden. There are restaurants to dine at, lawns and gardens to relax in, and even a list of activities to enjoy, such as volleyball and tennis.

In the Austrian state of Carinthia, you will find another great spa town where you can indulge yourself in a thermal spa Austria experience. Villach is the second-largest city in Carinthia, and the warm springs found here are just off in Warmbad Villach. Ancient Romans also took a liking to the thermal waters here. While the thermal spa Austria experience at Warmbad Villach is a divine one, many folks consider the spa town of Badgastein to be Austria's best. It's been a resort destination for some 600 years, and it's thermal springs have been attracting curious visitors all the while. Badgastein is in the state of Land Salzburg, of which the city of Salzburg is the capital, and it is an ideal place to leave tension behind. Among the available treatments at Badgastein and other Austria spa towns are vapor baths, which invigorate the spirit while ridding the body of stress. Radon-enriched air is often used, as it is believed by some to help with respiratory ailments. It is also believed to encourage the body's healing potential. This can be an ideal treatment after going at it hard on the Austria ski slopes.

An Austria spa holiday can involve a single treatment, or a whole bunch of them depending on your interest and your budget. In addition to visiting some of Austria's spa towns, you can also seek out wellness in a range of more standard spas, many of which are located within top Austrian luxury hotels and resorts. In Zell am See, for example, the Mavida Balance Hotel and Spa offers a holistic approach that will have you relaxed the minute you arrive. One of the finest Vienna hotels, the Hotel Sacher Wien, also boasts its own spa, offering relaxing treatments in Austria's capital city. Your Austria spa holiday will certainly do well to see you spending some time at the Sacher Wien spa.

For those who are serious about enjoying some of the Austria spas, a full Austria spa holiday is the way to go. Some of the top Austria spa hotels offer great packages that will encourage you to take advantage of their facilities. There's nothing like returning home completely relaxed and ready to assume your normal duties. There are a number of 4 and 5 star spas to choose from in Austria, and since they are found all over the country, you can enjoy a privileged base while enjoying all that your respective destination has to offer. The Austria spas know how to meet the needs of their guests. They are known for their quality, and you can bet that they will either meet or exceed all of your expectations.

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