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Adding Austria tours to your Austria travel itinerary is always a good idea, and you'll find that when you do, they often make for some great memories. Austria tours can be either guided or unguided depending on your preferences, and sometimes your budget. Either way, they are rewarding and will help to give you insight into Austria's rich history and culture. There are a myriad of great Austria tours to choose from across the country, and for those who want to include a lot of different stops, extended tours of Austria are the way to go.

Some of the most popular Austria tours are offered in the beautiful city of Salzburg. Among the most renowned choices are the tours that relate to the 1965 movie The Sound of Music. After a tour of the city itself, which will include such delights as Hohensalzburg Fortress and Mirabell Palace, you'll head out to the stunning lake district in the nearby Alps to view see of the places where the movie was filmed. Mozart is also a favorite theme when it comes to Salzburg tours. When you book such a tour, you will get to visit Mozarts Geburtshaus, which is where the musical prodigy was born. He lived there with his family until he was seventeen.

The castle tours Austria offers are wildly popular with visitors, and in Vienna, you have at least two splendid castles to check out when in town. Both Schonbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace should be included in any Vienna itinerary, and you can either tour them yourself, or enjoy a guided tour. Vienna is also ideal for an Austria walking tour, as is Salzburg and a host of other Austrian cities and towns. While you can always enjoy your own Austria walking tour wherever you find yourself in the country, the guided ones are best, as they will save you a lot of time and hassle. Instead of worrying about how to get to certain attractions, you can let the guide do all the work. You'll also probably learn more about the places you visit, as your knowledgeable guide will point out various facts along the way.

An Austria walking tour can see you covering city streets, or hiking along a picturesque trail, and should you engage in both kinds, you'll find that they complement each other rather well. When you choose to book extended tours of Austria, you will often enjoy a range of experiences along the way. In Innsbruck, for example, you might be hiking one day, then heading off to a nearby town to explore its relics the next. The option to mix different things as you go gives you a chance to really appreciate how great a travel destination Austria is. Austria bus tours are among the more popular extended tours of Austria, and some of these tours have a theme that might just pique your interest. Fans of classical music, for instance, will be happy to hear that among the choices for Austria bus tours is a four-day trip that highlights the life and work of Joseph Haydn.

When it comes to Austria bus tours, or coach tours as they are also known, you will usually stay at various hotels along the way and these hotels are often pre-decided. In this case, you will want to verify that the hotel, or hotels, fit your preferences. Austria bus tours will provide the passengers with a guide, who will be there every step of the way. As long as the tour company is a reliable one, they will use modern busses with panoramic windows and air conditioning.

There are just so many choices when it comes to Austria tours, so finding one to match your taste is bound to happen. Speaking of taste, wine enthusiasts can enjoy tours to Austria's wine country, which just goes to show you how diverse the Austria tours are. So, check out the options when it comes to Austria tours, and get an idea of some of the things that you'd like to experience on your upcoming Austria getaway. You can wait until you get to Austria to plan your side trips and tours, but it's often better to do so in advance, as you'll be able to effectively narrow down the choices.

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