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When planning your trip to Austria, take a second to see if any Austria events or festivals are going on during your visit. Experiencing one or the other can add some extra substance to your vacation, and many times the Austria festivals and events become highlights of an Austrian getaway. As might be expected in a land where classical composers and musicians such as Mozart and Haydn were born, an Austria music festival is something to behold, and as for Austrian events, you can always catch a concert or opera on the side throughout the year. Culturally rich and waiting to impress its visitors with a full list of events and festivals, Austria is a delight for travelers.

Austria is a great place to be in the wintertime. In fact, it's always a great place to be, but in the winter, Christmas is in full effect across the land. Vienna, Salzburg, and Kitzbuhel all have dazzling Christmas Markets during the Yuletide Season that are worth visiting if simply just to take it all in. There's just something about Christmas decorations and hundreds-of-years-old buildings that seems so right. Come New Year's Day, those wishing to catch a top Austria music festival or event will not want to miss the New Year's Day Concert in Vienna. It is held in the Musikverein and is famous the world round. The Vienna Philharmonic is responsible for filling the air with sweet notes during this top-billed event, and they do just that. These are some awfully hard tickets to get, so you better start looking now if you even want to think about attending the following year's performance.

Another one of the top Austria festivals is held every year in Salzburg, and it honors the city's favorite son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For the ten days of festivities, the site is Salzburg's Mozarteum. The Mozart Week festival starts on the musical prodigy's birthday. Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, and his boyhood home and his place of baptism can both be visited in Salzburg. The former is called Mozarts Geburtshaus, while the latter is Salzburg Dom, or Salzburg Cathedral. As one might imagine with an Austria music festival that honors Mozart, his music is heavily featured throughout. Both Salzburg and Vienna have larger annual festivals that are among the largest Austria festivals you'll find. The Vienna Festival is held in May and June, and is a mix of concerts and operas, much like the Salzburg Festival, which spans the course of a month between July and August.

Also held in July and August in Bregenz is one of the best events in Austria outside of Vienna and Salzburg. The Bregenz Festival, which is rather akin to the Vienna and Salzburg festivals in that concerts and operas are performed, has something unique going for it. The main performances take place on a floating stage on Lake Constance. The list could go on and on when it comes to the events in Austria that revolve around music, and for music-lovers, that is a very good thing. It is a shame if you should come to Austria and not have the chance to catch some kind of concert, opera, or play.

For a rip-roaring good time, you can catch Austrian events and festivals that not only showcase music, but also food and a bit of the bizarre. That is if you find acrobatics, jazz concerts, juggling acts, and comedy acts mixed together. The annual Old Town Magic event takes place in August, and it is surely one of the more interesting Austria events. While you're sampling some of the culinary delights at the Old Town Magic Festival and listening to some tunes, don't be surprised if a magician approaches you and starts a trick. It's a regular blast. Also a blast, for kids at least, is St Martin's Day, which is not unlike Halloween. St Martins Day falls on November 11, and on that day, kids go door to door looking for something good to eat.

These festivals and events in Austria are just scratching the surface, as this country never seems to stop reveling in music, food, fun, friends, and all around good times. Just like the Austria tours, the Austria events come in an array of shapes and sizes.

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