Innsbruck Austria

Innsbruck is located in a valley in the heart of the Alps is one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Stunning scenery characterizes this Austrian destination, and it is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. Innsbruck Austria hosted the Winter Olympic Games twice, in 1964 and 1976, so you can bet that it is a great place to do some skiing, and in the summertime, the hiking is prime. Complementing the natural beauty of the area is the city's breathtaking architecture. Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles are all on display here, and great strides are made to ensure that new buildings harmonize with the city's distinguished look. Innsbruck travel suits any Austrian itinerary, and you'll do well to include it in yours.

Innsbruck is the capital of Austria's Tyrol state, which is located in the western part of the country. Found at an elevation of 1,880 feet above sea level, it is surrounded by tall mountains, giving it a distinctly alpine feel. Because Innsbruck Austria is just 120 miles southwest of Salzburg, and 127 miles southeast of Bregenz, it is well paired with these destinations when visiting western Austria, though it could easily warrant its own extended vacation. You're also under an hour from both Italy and Germany, making it a great stop on a multi-country European getaway.

Innsbruck Austria was settled on a site that had already seen human activity in prior times. The Romans, for example, had established an army station in the general vicinity in the fourth century. The actual city of Innsbruck itself first received mention around the year 1180, when it was little more than a crossing point over the Inn River. Innsbruck's name translates to "bridge over the Inn". By the thirteenth century, Innsbruck was well established, and in 1430, it became Austria's capital. It would continue on its path to greatness when Emperor Maximilian I of the Holy Roman Empire moved his imperial court here in the late 1400s. During the Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800s, the Tyrol region became part of Bavaria, though the Congress of Vienna would see Austrian control over the area reestablished by 1814. In the twentieth century, Innsbruck Austria was caught in the middle of World War II, and though it was bombed to a significant extent, many of its historical structures remain.

Innsbruck has a very alpine climate, and in the winters, you"d better pack some warm clothing for your Innsbruck vacation, because it gets colder here than in most other parts of Europe. It also snows a lot, which helps to make Innsbruck ski vacations so enjoyable. There are five main Innsbruck ski areas where you can churn up some white stuff, and there are an ample amount of chairlifts and cableways to get you to the slopes. For those who don't ski, wintertime in Innsbruck can include other fun activities like tobogganing, ice-skating, and shopping, which is a year round sport here. Can you really pass up the chance to buy some lederhosen? In the summertime, Innsbruck travel typically involves incredible hiking, and you can enjoy other pursuits like horseback riding, golf, and mountaineering. Also, should you schedule your Innsbruck vacation for the summer, you can hope to catch a concert at Hofgarten Park, which is a great place to hang out whether there is a music show or not. The nights can get pretty cool here in the summer, so be sure to pack a jacket or something the like.

For those who plan to include plenty of Innsbruck attractions in their visit, it's a good idea to pick up an Innsbruck Card, which will entitle you to discounts on a number of museums and other points of interests. It also includes access to public transportation for getting around. Among the Innsbruck attractions you won't want to miss are the Swarovski Kristallwelten (Swarovski Crystal Worlds) and the Tiroler Volkskunst-Museum. The former is a crystal fantasy world that was dedicated to the founder of the Swarovski company, and the latter is a popular art museum which also offers wonderful insight into Tyrolean culture. Of course, no Innsbruck vacation would be complete without seeing the Goldenes Dachl, or Golden Roof. Of all the Innsbruck attractions, this gold-plated, three-story balcony, which graces an old house in Innsbruck's Old Town, is the most renowned. A modern-day landmark, it was built in 1500 for Emperor Maximilian, who would use it as a royal box for watching spectacles in the square below. Next to the Goldenes Dachl, you'll also find the Maximilianeum Museum, which celebrates the Hapsburg emperor's life.

That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the great things that are associated with Innsbruck travel. Your days can certainly be full ones when enjoying an Innsbruck vacation, and come nightfall, you're sure to find some decent nightlife to cap your days off. A bunch of restaurants in town are often the sites of revelry, with song and dance flowing as freely as the wine, and it's always fun to catch a concert, especially one of the Tyrolean folk variety. Just remember to book a room in advance if you can when coming to enjoy all that Innsbruck Austria has to offer. There's really no low season here, and the Innsbruck hotels are known to fill up at times.

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