Klagenfurt Austria

Various intriguing attractions await visitors who drop in on the popular Austrian city of Klagenfurt. Found near the Slovenian border in southern Austria, Klagenfurt is the capital of the Austrian state of Carinthia, which lies in the eastern Alps. Mountains and lakes characterize the Carinthian landscape, and when you're not exploring Klagenfurt, you can head out into the surrounding countryside to enjoy the great outdoors. Cycling is just one of the great ways to enjoy some sightseeing during Klagenfurt vacations, and jogging or strolling on the area bike paths is also a good way to take it all in. With a nice climate and plenty to see and do, Klagenfurt Austria definitely warrants a visit, particularly if you are also visiting the city of Graz, which is just 85 miles to the northeast.

Klagenfurt Austria rests at an elevation of 1,460 feet above sea level, and because the state of Carinthia is quite mountainous, enjoying a Klagenfurt ski vacation in the winter is the aim of many visitors. It's not the best skiing in Austria, but there are a number of ski resorts within an hour or two of the city that will prove enjoyable. One of the more notable ski areas is found in the municipality of Bad Kleinkirchheim, which is about an hour's drive from the Klafenfurt airport. This ski area is often the site for the Alpine Skiing World Cup, so you can bet that there are some nice runs here. If a Klagenfurt ski trip doesn't pique your interest, visiting in the summer is probably best. Spring and fall are also good times to visit, as Klagenfurt enjoys relatively warm and sunny weather during these seasons.

Regardless of when you choose to enjoy Klagenfurt travel, there are a few Klagenfurt attractions that you won't want to miss. The Lindwurm is the most identifiable landmark when it comes to the local attractions, and it's found in the city's main square. A lindwurm is a special kind of dragon that according to lore, haunted the area around Klagenfurt. As legend has it, some villagers killed the dragon, allowing for the settlement of the city. This central monument was built in the sixteenth century, and of particular interest is the lindwurm's head, which is shaped like a glacial rhinoceros. Before or after checking out the Lindwurm monument, those enjoying Klagenfurt travel can head over the Landesmuseum, which is a provincial museum that gives insight into the history of Carinthia. Among the exhibits here are the skull of the rhinoceros which supposedly was the model for the head at the Lindwurm fountain.

Among the summer Klagenfurt tourism draws are free city tours, which start at 10 a.m. in the main square. These historic city walks focus primarily on the city's main attractions, such as the sixteenth century Landhaus, which houses the provincial government, and the baroque-style Klagenfurt Cathedral, which also dates back to the sixteenth century. Among the highlights at the Klagenfurt Cathedral are the 1726 pulpit, and the 1752 painting on the high altar. After enjoying the Old Town Klagenfurt attractions, a trip to Minimundus is recommended, as this nearby park is quite an intriguing place. Quickly becoming a top Klagenfurt tourism draw, Minimundus not only offers attractively landscaped grounds, but also scaled-down versions of some of the world's most iconic buildings. All kinds of architectural styles are featured in the models here, and among the models on display are versions of the Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben. Open from April to October, Minimundus is about as unique an attraction as you will find anywhere. It's really a neat place.

Klagenfurt travel can see visitors enjoying a range of fun pursuits, and once you've explored the city itself, you can always entertain the notion of heading out into the surrounding countryside for some fun-filled side trips. Klagenfurt is a great base for area trips, many of which have area castles as their focus. The Hochosterwitz Castle (Burg Hochosterwitz) is one of the more popular side trip destinations when it comes to Klagenfurt tourism, and according to many, it's one of the most impressive medieval castles in all of Austria. Interestingly enough, back at Minimundus, you can find a scaled-down version of the Hochosterwitz Castle, which is a real treat for those who have also seen the real thing!

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