Linz Austria

Linz is the third-largest city in Austria, and it is also the capital of the Upper Austria state, which borders both Germany and the Czech Republic. Within the city itself reside just under 200,000 people who are definitely proud of their city, and their city has come quite a long way in recent decades. A thriving port, Linz Austria is actually the largest port on the mighty Danube River, and much to the liking of most, it is one of the more environmentally-friendly cities in all the land. There is a high standard of living in Linz, and since there are many interesting things to do in Linz, it is great for both locals and visitors alike.

One of the great things about Linz Austria, and there are many, is the fact that it is found along the rail line that connects Vienna with Salzburg. Also, since a network of bus lines service Linz, finding your way here is an easy task. You can even fly in if you so desire. Linz tourism definitely benefits from the city's abundant transportation options. It also benefits from the city's rich history, which has seen its fair share of highs and lows. Linz Austria started out as a Roman settlement in the first century AD. It remained relatively unimportant until the Middle Ages, when it became a significant center of trade. The Habsburg emperor, Friedrich III, resided in Linz in the late 1400s, and at that time, it was the most important city in the powerful Habsburg Dynasty. It would lose its primary status within the dynasty once Friedrich III died, with Vienna and Prague assuming more integral roles. One of the top Linz attractions is the Linz Castle, which once served as the seat for Emperor Friedrich III and his court. For a small fee you can tour it and admire its medieval art collection.

Also giving insight into Linz history is St. Martin's Church, which is definitely one of the older Linz attractions. It was first documented way back in 799, and was built under the order of Charlemagne. St. Martin's Church is the oldest church in all of Austria, and interestingly enough, it has managed to retain much of its ancient form. The church was restored some 60 years ago, and it's about a ten-minute stroll from Linz's Hauptplatz, or main square. Another church worth adding to your list of Linz tourism attractions is St. Mary's Cathedral, which is the largest church in Austria. It is a most beautiful edifice, crafted in French High Gothic style. Started in 1862 and not finally consecrated until 1924, St. Mary's Cathedral (also called the New Cathedral) is not one of the oldest Linz attractions, but it is one of the most visually appealing.

While some of the Linz attractions are appealing to the eye, other ones will be more appealing to the ear. The Linz Austria Brucknerhaus concert hall is an excellent place to take in a classical music performance, which is one of the more authentic things to do in Linz. Authentic in that Anton Bruckner himself was born in Linz, providing the namesake for the venue. Bruckner is one of the more notable Austrian composers, and in addition to his music, the Brucknerhaus also features performances of musical arrangements from the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. Linz travel can also see you enjoying attractions that are appealing to the nose. The Botanical Gardens in Linz are generally considered to be among the best in Europe, and there are no less than 10,000 types of flowers and plants on display there. The gardens are just a short bus ride from Linz's Taubenmarkt Station. Just three miles outside of the city, another botanical garden awaits those who make the day trip to Postlingberg, which is perched nicely on the Danube River. You'll enjoy great views of Linz below when you visit Postlingberg, and the town's 1742 church is definitely worth a look. Inside the church, you'll find a wood-carved Pieta that also dates to the 18th century. The "Pieta" is a powerful Christian art subject that depicts the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus. Most often, it is found in sculpture.

Though Linz is an industrial city, that doesn't mean that Linz tourism doesn't involve plenty of culture. Though Vienna and Salzburg are more established cultural centers, Linz can more than satisfy your cultural interests. There are at least a dozen museums in town, and they can fill hours on end for those who are interested. For a taste of Linz's culinary side, you will not want to pass on the chance to indulge in a Linzer Torte, which is a pie that the city has made famous. Linzer torte consists of a flour pastry crust, which is filled with either red currant jam or plum butter. Sliced almonds top it off, as does a decorative latticework top.

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Linz, and Linz travel will likely offer more than you originally imagined. The Linz hotels are well-priced, so spending at least a few days of your Austria vacation here is a great idea. You'll get to find out for yourself just how much Linz tourism has to offer!



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