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When it comes to all things Mozart Salzburg is the place to be. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, and the city's favorite son's image can be found all over town. In fact, many locals make their living off of his name, selling various wares or offering Mozart-related city tours. But, it's the exact Mozart birthplace and initial place of residence that is the city's best Mozart attraction, and this yellow house with white shutters surely draws in its fair share of visitors. It's included in the aforementioned Mozart Salzburg city tours, which offer fantastic insight into the musician's life.

This famous Mozart birthplace can be found in the heart of Salzburg at Getreidegasse 9. The third floor of the home served as the residence of young Wolfgang and his family until the musical prodigy was seventeen. Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, and he was baptized at one of Salzburg's other great attractions, St Rupert's Cathedral, which is a beautiful seventeenth century baroque church. At the time, Salzburg was part of the Holy Roman Empire. Mozart had a sister named Nannerl, and she was quite a talented musician herself. Four years older than Wolfgang, she often noted how musically gifted her younger brother was. By the time he was five, he was composing songs on a clavier (keyboard). At age six, he was gracing the stage at Vienna's Schonbrunn Palace! It didn't hurt that their father was a bit of a composer himself as well as a teacher. Wolfgang and his father would grow to be quite close, his father always keen of how special his son was when it came to music.

Mozarts Geburtshaus, as the Mozart Birthplace is known in Austria, offers three floors to explore and included in the museum is the family apartment. It's truly a special experience for Mozart fans to be able to see where this Classical music master grew up, especially when you consider that among the exhibits are Mozart's childhood violin, his viola, his clavier, and even a pianoforte. There are also some paintings at the museum that are of merit. If they were put on the open market, you bet they'd fetch a pretty penny. This would be especially true of the unfinished portrait of Mozart, which was done by his brother-in-law Joseph Lange. Even if you aren't familiar with Mozart's musical compositions, you won't want to miss the chance to visit this Salzburg Austria Mozart museum when in town. The admission price is more than agreeable, and if you have a Salzburg Card to get you into all the top Salzburg attractions, it's basically free. The Salzburg Austria Mozart museum (Mozarts Geburtshaus) is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. daily.

The Mozart Salzburg experience doesn't have to end at Mozarts Geburtshaus. In the heart of town, a statue of Wolfgang dons the Mozartplatz, which is a square named after the composer. At Makartplatz 8, further outside of the city center, the Mozart Wohnhaus is where Mozart lived between the years of 1773 and 1780. Though it was heavily damaged by air raids during World War II, it still stands proudly, thanks to some renovations. Dedicated fans of Classical music who are looking to further extend their Mozart Salzburg experience can make an appointment to visit the International Mozarteum Foundation's headquarters, the Mozarteum, which is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Among the highlights here is the Magic Flute House. A small, wooden structure, this is where Mozart composed The Magic Flute.

At the Mozarteum, there is a 200-seat concert hall known as the Viennese Hall, and an even larger venue for 800 in one of the building's wings. While numerous concerts are held at both venues throughout the year, the best time to drop by for a performance is during the Mozart Festival Salzburg celebration. Called Mozartwoche, this festival marks Mozart's birthday with a week and a half of operas and music concerts. The Salzburg Austria Mozart connection is further on display during the greater Salzburg Festival, which features a healthy dose of the composer's music. There's even a Salzburg Austria Mozart bicycle path, which starts in the city, cuts through the Land Salzburg Lake District, and continues on into German Bavaria. The ending point is Berchtesgaden, which is where Adolf Hitler often vacationed.

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