Things To Do In Austria

There are all kinds of things to do in Austria, and when it comes to great world travel destinations, Austria is surely one of them. Austria sightseeing is amazing whether you are enjoying a walking tour in the city, or seeing what the Austrian Alps have to offer, and this is because so many of the Austria tourist attractions are spectacular, whether they be manmade or natural. Not long into your Austria trip, you're bound to realize that you're in for a great experience, but since there are so many possibilities for things to do in Austria, visitors may feel overwhelmed. To help in that department, here are a few recommendations for some of the best Austrian tourist pursuits.

Skiing in Austria

Austria has more ski resorts than you can count, and they are certainly among the top Austria attractions. When it comes to quality runs, this country is full of them. The Austrian Alps rise to considerable heights in the western and southwestern parts of Austria, and between the months of December and March, the snow conditions are typically ideal. You can also check out Klagenfurt and a range of other destinations to enjoy the ski trip of a lifetime. The ski season doesn't have to end in the warmer months, however, as die-hard skiers looking for things to do in Austria in the summer can always ski a glacier.

Austrian Hiking or Trekking

So skiing is best enjoyed during the winter months, which means that hiking or trekking in the summer months is likely to be ideal. This is indeed the case. For some, springtime is the best time to go hiking in the Alps, as you will not only be rewarded with stunning mountain views, but also massive amounts of alpine wildflowers that are simply endearing. Whether you choose guided hikes or go it alone, hiking in Austria is about as good as it gets.

Mozarts Geburthsaus

On January 27, 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the lovely Austrian city of Salzburg. This musical prodigy lived in the house he was born in for seventeen years. Found in the heart of town, Mozarts Geburtshaus, or Mozarts Birthplace, is a multistory, yellow building with white shutters. Three of the floors at the building have been turned into a museum, and today the structure is easily one of the top Austria tourist attractions.

Austrian Spas

There are so many fun things to do in Austria that can eventually wear you out, which is where the Austria spas come in. Whether you are visiting one of the renowned Austria spa towns or are opting instead for a spa at a hotel, treating yourself to a relaxing massage or a dip in some thermal tubs is a great way to soothe your soul and increase your inner peace. You can choose from a range of spa treatments at the various Austria spas, and when it comes to the Austrian spa towns such as Baden, there are usually a bunch of activities and additional facilities to enjoy.

Castles in Austria

The castles in Austria are in good supply, and lots of visitors have at least some of them high up on their lists of potential Austria tourist attractions. Vienna alone boasts two amazing castles or palaces that served the needs of the might Hapsburgs. Both Schonbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace beg a visit for those looking for awe-inspiring Austria attractions, and when it comes to Austria sightseeing, these palaces will impress. They are just two of a series of Austria castles that dot the countryside, however, and chances are good that wherever you are in the country, you're not far from a castle.

Austrian Cruises

The mighty Danube River has been set to songs and waltzes, and it is definitely a source of pride for Vienna residents. When you want to enjoy a different kind of Austria sightseeing, you can book a cruise down the Danube and watch Austria go by as you navigate along your course. The Danube River Cruises can be half-day affairs, or last up to a week or more, sometimes including other countries and rivers, such as Amsterdam and the Rhine. On extened Danube River cruises, you can stop at various destinations in different countries and enjoy a tour before it's back on the boat.

Austrian Concerts

For those who like music, specifically of the Classical variety, catching a concert will easily be among the most rewarding things to do in Austria. There are many yearly concerts held at various concert halls and venues all across Austria. If you get the chance to catch a festival like Mozart Week in Salzburg or the Bregenz Festival, you will be treated to wonderful music, and even the occasional play or opera. The arts are definitely alive and well in Austria!

Austria Wineries

Austria's wine country is found in the eastern part of the country, and once you get to Vienna, you're practically in the heart of it. There are scores of wineries just outside of Vienna, and nearby regions like the Wachau region offer up a bounty of grape-filled fields. Visit a wine village or two, and not only can you tour a winery, but you can also pair the local product with regional food favorites for a truly rich and rewarding Austrian travel experience.

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