Belgium Airports

While the Brussels Airport is the main arrival point for flights to Belgium, there are a few other Belgium airports where you might arrive as well. The Antwerp airport, the Ostend airport, and the Liege airport all receive flights of the charter variety, which can come from any number of European cities, such as London, England and Alicante, Spain. Unless you are booking a charter flight in Europe, however, it’s Brussels all the way. Once you touch down at the Brussels Airport, you will have various options for getting into town, which is also true div at the other Belgium airports.

Numerous international airlines offer flights to the Brussels Airport, which is generally considered to be one of the best airports in Europe. The Brussels Airport is found just nine miles from the center of Brussels in the municipality of Zaventem. After getting off of your plane at the Brussels Airport, you can use the moving walkways to get to the Arrivals Hall. Once there, you will go through customs, make a pass through Passport Control, then move on to get your baggage. The airport offers free baggage carts, which is a nice bonus, especially if you pack heavy. After getting your luggage, you can jump on a train or bus to get into town, or you can spend a bit more on a taxi. Some of the hotels in Brussels have airport shuttles, so you can consider those as well when booking a room.

The Brussels Airport has currency exchange services, ATMs, car rental companies, restaurants, shops, bars, and just about everything else that you would expect at a major airport. When waiting for a departure flight, you can surely keep yourself busy. For those who arrive at the Brussels airport without hotel reservations, there are even hotel reservation desks here. Not far from these desks are general information desks where you can get help in English with any number of travel questions. As a side note, the Brussels Airport’s rail station can be found on the downstairs lower level, or you can hail a cab or jump on a shuttle or bus as soon as you step outside. The king of all the Belgium airports, the Brussels Airport not only features transportation options for getting to downtown Brussels, but also for getting to other cities and towns across the country.

Though the Antwerp Airport does receive some charter flights, many Antwerp visitors touch down at the Brussels Airport instead. Most, if not all of the flights that arrive at the Antwerp Airport are charter flights that are coming from either London or Manchester, which are the two largest cities in England. The Antwerp Airport, or Antwerp International Airport as it is officially known, also offers flights to both of these cities, with connections available for the Isle of Man and Jersey once you get to England. The airport in Antwerp is only about a mile and a half (2 km) outside of the city, and it is accessible by train, bus, and car. There is a restaurant at this airport, but all in all, the facilities pale in comparison to the Brussels airport. This is just fine by most passengers, however, as the airport’s small size makes for a more efficient airport experience.

As mentioned earlier, the Ostend Airport is one of the other airports in Belgium that one could conceivably land at. However, as is the case with the Antwerp and Liege airports, the number of flights is pretty limited. The Ostend Airport serves mainly as a cargo airport instead of a passenger airport, but there are charter flights that provide some service for tourists. Ostend is found on the coast of Belgium, meaning that most folks who fly here have a Belgium beach getaway on their minds.

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