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Cycling in Belgium is just one of the many options for fun things to do during your Belgium vacation. The flat terrain of the Flemish region in the north and the rolling hills of the Walloon region in the south give those who want to bike Belgium the chance to experience a varying, yet relatively gentle landscape that not only offers up natural sights, but a score of manmade ones as well. To help you get the most out of your Belgium cycling experience, most Belgium cities and towns have a centrally-located tourist office where you can get in-depth information on biking in Belgium. Not only will they furnish you with a handy map, but they will also help you plan an ideal itinerary.

Perhaps you just want a bicycle to tour around one of Belgium’s great cities, or maybe you want to bike Belgium from the top to the bottom. Whatever your aim, biking in Belgium is a great way to go, and this biker-friendly country definitely encourages its visitors to see and do as much as possible when on two wheels. Belgium cycling can be something that is enjoyed on the side, or it can be a major focus of your trip, and since you can take your bike on some of the trains in Belgium, you can go far and wide to enjoy a range of experiences. Just remember to lock your bike up when not using it since Belgium, just like any other country, is definitely not devoid of bike thieves.

Since Belgians enjoy cycling on the whole, there are miles of bike paths here to enjoy. Also, your right of way as a biker is most often respected by Belgian motorists, who are no strangers to cyclists on their roads. As is to be expected, biking in Belgium cities, especially Brussels, is a bit more hectic than biking on an open country road with little or no traffic, but as long as you keep aware and ride sensibly, you should stay out of harm’s way. When you rent a bike in Belgium to tour one of its cities, you will have no problem finding bike racks where you can lock up your bike while you sightsee. And, if you prefer, there are companies that offer Belgium bike tours, even in the cities. Brugge is one of the best cities for biking in Belgium, and other Flemish cities such as Antwerp and Ghent are also ideal. You can book Belgium bike tours for these cities if you want a guide to show you around, or you can rent a bike and go it alone. An increasing amount of Brugge hotels offer bike rentals for their guests, and sometimes these rentals are free. Other hotels across Belgium do the same, so cycling enthusiasts will want to keep that in mind.

For those who want cycling to be the focal point of their Belgium holiday, there are Belgium bike tours on offer that involve more than one day and more than one city. Flanders, as the northern Flemish region of Belgium is known, is a great place to enjoy extended Belgium bike tours. There are well-marked trails throughout the region, and many of the bike trails here follow along scenic canals and rivers. When basing yourself in Brugge, there is a trail that links it to Ghent, so you can easily head east to check out some of the Ghent attractions, such as Gravensteen Castle. Maybe you’ll prefer to head west for the North Sea coast. The rather exclusive seaside municipality of Knokke Heist makes for a great destination, as does the tourist friendly coastal city of Ostend. Those who want to bike Belgium, or at least part of it, will certainly enjoy riding along the coast. There are well established routes along the coast of Belgium, and the flat terrain is most accommodating for a leisurely romp. Plus, you can always take a break on one of the Belgium beaches, where a midday picnic is surely something to savor.

In the southern French-speaking Belgium region of Walloon, you’ll find tons of great trails to ride as well. Non-motorized leisure routes are in good supply all over the region, so you can enjoy miles of car-free pedaling, or stopping as you please for a picnic or to tour a small town. Also, since southeastern Belgium boasts hills and small mountains, it is arguably the best part of the country in which to enjoy mountain biking. Just southeast of Liege, for example, there is a 30-mile long mountain biking trail in Hockai that offers plenty in the way of topography and excitement.

For those who want to bike Belgium, there are a myriad of fun-filled experiences to be had. While you can just as easily rent a bike and go it alone, it’s also worth checking out the options for guided Belgium bike tours that can help you maximize your overall experience. A bike and barge tour is just one of the options, and you can also entertain the idea of including other countries in your Belgium bike tours, such as Holland, Germany, and France. Whether it be spring, summer, or fall, Belgium cycling is a blast, and once you get here, you’ll see just how easy it is to arrange enjoyable Belgium bike trips.

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