Belgium Cruises

There are a number of different kinds of Belgium cruises that you can enjoy on your upcoming trip to Europe, and cruising the country’s waterways is an excellent way to do some relaxed sightseeing. As you drift past historic cities, you’ll see impressive monuments and historic buildings while you watch the picturesque Belgian countryside go by. Whether it’s an hour-long cruise, or an extended, multi-day trip that includes other countries, Belgium cruises are a blast. A two-hour trip along a canal in the country’s Flemish region is sure to delight, and seeing what lies along the banks of the Meuse River in Wallonia is an adventure to savor as well. Be sure to check out the options for Belgium river cruises and for cruises to Belgium when planning your trip to this small, yet attraction-packed nation.

There are various ways to get to Belgium, and while you can fly or take a train or bus in from another country, you can also entertain the idea of arriving by way of cruises to Belgium. Arriving on river cruises to Belgium from the neighboring Netherlands is a fanciful way to enter the country. Holland, as the Netherlands is also known, is famous for its springtime tulips, and after seeing thousands of them on display there, move on to Belgium for a chocolate tour perhaps, or a visit to the beautiful medieval town of Brugge. The cruises to Belgium that begin in Holland usually shove off in Amsterdam, which is a remarkable destination in its own right. Once you get to Belgium, you will often have the chance to not only make a stop in Brugge, but also in Antwerp and Brussels. In addition to the Netherlands, cruises to Belgium can also include some time in France and other countries, so you can choose accordingly. Of course, if you just want to cruise Belgium itself, there are a bunch of options there as well.

Once you arrive in cities like Brugge, Antwerp, and Brussels, you can enjoy cruises that navigate the rivers and canals, offering a terrific way to view these cities from a unique vantage point. These kinds of mini Belgium cruises are typically on smaller ships, and they definitely cost a lot less than extended cruises to Belgium. In Ghent, for example, a 50-minute boat trip on the city’s canals will cost you less than you likely think, and if you are short on time, it can be an ideal way to fit in some excitement without extending yourself too much. Should time not be a concern, enjoying Belgium river cruises that include more than one city is a perfect way to fill a few hours. Instead of just cruising around Ghent, you can also head up to Brugge on a paddle-steamer, which is a fun kind of boat to ride on. Much like the old Mississippi river queens, these paddle boats feature a nostalgic fanned wheel that propels the craft forward as it rotates and cuts through the water. It is very charming and very relaxing. The trip gets even more relaxing if you include a 45-minute side trip to a brewery and museum.

Belgium cruises are not only to be enjoyed in the northern and predominantly Dutch-speaking Flemish region. In the southern Walloon region, which is mostly French-speaking, Belgium river cruises can be arranged in the cities of Dinant and Liege. Together with some of the other smaller towns in the region, these two cities rest on the banks of the scenic Meuse River. Short cruises around either Dinant or Liege can be enjoyed on their own, or you can include both cities and even some small towns along the way. If you are short on time when visiting the Walloon region of Belgium but are still interested in Belgium river cruises, Dinant is the place to go. Backed by cliffs and presided over by an imposing citadel, it is a very picturesque town. Between Easter and the month of October, cruises on the Meuse River can be arranged in Dinant, and they can last from just 45 minutes up to 3 or 4 hours.

Most Belgium cruises are only offered in the warmer months of the year, so winter is not the best time to enjoy them. A few of the Belgium river cruises might be available in December, January, and February, but cold weather does not usually make for a fun boat ride. April through November is when you will find most Belgium cruises operating, and during these months, there are tons of cruises to Belgium to choose from as well. You don’t have to include just Holland and Belgium in extended cruises to Belgium. As mentioned, France is a possible inclusion, as are other countries such as England, Germany, and Denmark. For those who are also interested in doing some bicycling in Belgium, there are also barge and bike cruises available which involve staying on board the boat. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to enjoy various cycling tours at different stops. The possibilities are numerous when it comes to the different ways to cruise Belgium, so include a Belgium cruise in your upcoming trip, and see why they are so popular.



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