Belgium Holiday

There are numerous reasons to treat yourself to a Belgium holiday. For those who enjoy a pint every now and again, Belgium is awash in pubs and boasts more than 500 different beer labels. Not too many people in this world detest chocolate, and if they do, they’ve probably never enjoyed a Belgian holiday. This country makes the best chocolate in the world according to many, and wherever you go in Belgium there is a chocolatier close by. While on holiday in Belgium, you can burn off those beer and chocolate calories with walking tours in historic city centers or bike rides along Belgium’s picturesque canals. A hike in the beautiful Ardennes region where forests, rolling hills, and small mountains characterize the landscape can make for a good workout. Holidays to Belgium can see you getting into any number of active pursuits, but your Belgium holiday doesn’t have to be nonstop all the time. You’ll have plenty of chances to kick back and relax as well.

When planning a Belgium holiday, looking into Belgium holiday packages is always worth a bit of your time. Travel packages to Belgium can include just your flight and your accommodations, though many will also provide you with transportation once you arrive, as well as interesting and fun tours, and sometimes even your meals. If a low-hassle Belgian holiday is what you are after, then you can choose to go with a holiday package that takes care of everything for you. When you don’t have to worry about things such as arranging your transportation, accommodations, tours, and meals, you are free to simply enjoy the ride. It doesn’t hurt either that the various Belgian holiday packages often offer good deals.

As wonderful as Belgium holiday packages can be, some travelers will prefer to have a little more control over their Belgian holiday destiny. When you plan your own holiday in Belgium, you will be free to arrange your itinerary exactly how you like. Perhaps a stay at one of the Brussels hotels in the historic city center will suit you upon arrival, while the next leg of your trip could easily see you shoving off towards the coast, or making a break for the picturesque town of Dinant. There are many great destinations to choose from when it comes to Belgium holidays, and a range of experiences await you here.

Anyone looking for things to do in Belgium can take in a football (soccer) match, enjoy a river cruise, drop in on any number of great museums, tour a castle, or marvel at the Carnival of Binche. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in Belgium, and you’ll definitely want to take a break every now and again to indulge in some Belgian food favorites. Chips were invented here, though they are called French fries in some parts of the world, and at some point during your holiday in Belgium, you will have to try a Belgian waffle. Addictive doesn’t even begin to describe these delicacies. The aforementioned Belgian chocolate scene will have you dreaming of pralines once you get home, and seafood lovers will likely plan a follow up Belgian holiday just to savor those mussels again.

In addition to a wide array of good hotels, Belgium also boasts some dandy apartment and villa rentals. Yes, you can rent a home away from home here and enjoy extra space, added privacy, and rates that are generally competitive with the Belgium hotels. Your accommodations will likely claim a significant chunk of your Belgium travel budget, though you can find good deals out there, especially after the peak summer season runs its course. Those heading to Brussels can save some cash by booking a stay at one of the Brussels hostels, and even the budget hotels in Belgium offer clean and comfortable rooms that are relatively generous on amenities. Camping in Belgium is also something to consider when it comes to lodging, and outdoor enthusiasts will want to explore that horizon for sure.

Holidays to Belgium are ideal for those who want a travel destination that is truly worth its weight in gold. A few days or more in Brugge is sure to impress, and other Belgian cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Leuven, and Liege warrant a second look as well. You could even couple your Belgium visit with some time in Holland, or other neighboring countries, such as France and Germany. The sky is the limit when it comes to holidays in Belgium, so get to planning yours now, and see for yourself just how broad the possibilities are.

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