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Adding one or more Belgium tours to your Belgium vacation itinerary is one of the best things that you can do on a Belgium vacation, and there are plenty of great options to choose from. Belgium is renowned for many things, and among them are chocolate and beer. A Belgium brewery tour or a trip to a chocolate shop or factory is sure to fit ideally into most plans, but there’s surely more to indulge in here. Picturesque squares, impressive cathedrals, and a hefty amount of quality museums are also part of the Belgium travel experience, and each of these make for fun and interesting tours themselves. Tours in Belgium can last under an hour, or they can be extended journeys that cover days or weeks. Depending on how much time you have, you can schedule them accordingly.  

If you haven’t already booked a tour in Belgium before you actually arrive here, you can get help figuring out which Belgium tours are right for you and your group by heading to the main tourism office of the city or town that you find yourself in. In Brussels, for example, the main tourist office can be found in the stunning Grand Place, which is in the heart of the city. It’s typical for Belgium tour offices to be found in the very heart of town. This is also true in Brugge, whose main tourism office can be found in the centrally-located Burg Square. Informative city tours in multiple languages can be booked at the Belgium tour offices, so if you want to get a handle on the city or town you are visiting, they are hard to beat. You can also enjoy Belgium tours that are unguided, but it’s hard to match the insight that you’ll get from a knowledgeable tour guide. As a side note, the Belgium tourism offices can also help you find a hotel room should you need, and if nothing else, you can stop by to get a city map detailing all of the city’s top attractions.  

For those visiting Brussels, or any other Belgian city or town for that matter, tours can be enjoyed that also include other cities or destinations. In Brussels, for example, you can take part in a fun and informative bus tour that includes Brugge and/or Antwerp. When spending time in Dinant, a boat tour can be arranged that involves stopping in Liege or a small village along the Meuse River. You can even combine a tour in Belgium with one in Holland, France, and other nearby countries if you please! Since many visitors to Belgium base themselves in one specific city or town, these kinds of multiple destination Belgium tours can be a great way to get out and see more of the countryside and what it has to offer. Once you arrive at your planned tour destinations, even more tours can be enjoyed, such as a museum tour or a Belgian beer tour.  

Beer is a big industry in Belgium, and though it’s reward enough just to be able to sample some Belgian beer during your visit, you can also choose to enjoy a Belgium brewery tour. In the Belgian city of Leuven, one of Belgium’s most recognizable beers is brewed, and you can tour the factory that brews it. The Stella Artois factory is found on the north side of the city, and if you want to see how Belgian beer is made on a grand scale, this is the Belgium brewery tour for you. Your Belgian beer tour can also include smaller operations, such as the Chimay monastery, where Trappist monks make some of the tastiest and strongest beer that you will every try. Much like the wine in France, the beer in Belgium is special, and it’s really neat to be able to see just what goes into the beer making process. Don’t forget the Belgium tours that are offered at the numerous Belgium chocolate shops, factories, and museums. Belgium simply does chocolate and beer better than any other country in the world, which is why tours that include either commodity are so popular.  

On the more active side, a Belgium bike tour is sure to satisfy. Biking in Belgium is a wonderful way to do some sightseeing, and after all, you’re going to have to burn off those calories that you acquired on your Belgian beer and chocolate tours. Arranging a Belgium bike tour before or during your Belgium trip is easy, as there are a growing amount of bicycle tour operators and bike rental shops here. Also, many hotels in Belgium have bicycles that guests can either borrow or rent, meaning that you can enjoy an unguided bike ride around your featured destination. A Belgium bike tour can be a short or long one, and for those who want to combine bicycling in Belgium with other fun experiences, a bike and barge tour is ideal. Your accommodations will be a cabin on the barge, and when you get to your planned destinations, you’ll be able to grab your bike and head out.  

Nearby Holland is just as ideal as Belgium is for biking, so perhaps you will be interested in taking a Belgium bike tour that also includes some of Holland. The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to the number of different Belgium tours that you can partake in. There’s a tour in Belgium for every taste and preference, so be sure to add one or more to your Belgium agenda. 

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