Villas in Belgium

There are tons of good hotels in Belgium to choose from, but when searching for lodging in this small, yet attraction-packed European country, it is worth it to look into villa rentals in Belgium. There is quite a lot of variety when it comes to villas in Belgium, and essentially these properties are the definition of home away from home. Belgium villas, or home rentals, can get quite luxurious. A twelve-bedroom chateau in the country just outside of Brussels will be pretty expensive, for instance, but if you split the costs with friends, you might surprised at just how affordable the luxury villas in Belgium can be. In fact, villas in Belgium are often comparable to hotel rooms when it comes to the price per night, which only helps to make them a more attractive accommodation option than they already are.

Most of the Belgium house rentals are in the northern Flemish region of the country, which is where you will find Brussels. As mentioned, a twelve-bedroom villa rental in Belgium is available just outside of Brussels, but if you prefer to be in the city instead, there are apartment rental choices there as well. Of course, the bulk of the apartment rentals in Belgium likely won’t afford you quite the amount of extra space and privacy that the villas in Belgium do. When staying at one of the Belgium villas, there are usually multiple bedrooms, at least one full bathroom, a complete kitchen, and all kinds of other extras. It’s not uncommon for villa rentals in Belgium to feature home entertainment systems, cable TV, ample grounds, and a patio or deck on which to entertain when the weather is nice. As for the Flemish region of Belgium, or Flanders as it is also known, the exceedingly beautiful and richly historic city of Brugge certainly offers some attractive villa rentals. While the majority of the vacation rentals that are in downtown Brussels are apartments, Brugge boasts a good number of homes for rent that are right in the heart of the city.

A three-story house in central Brugge is ideal for those traveling in a group. Often times, when groups of friends stay at a hotel, it’s hard to get rooms on the same floor. This can be a bit of a burden when it comes time to socialize. Stay at one of the Belgium house rentals instead and you’ll enjoy greater proximity to friends and family. Sure, you can duck into your bedroom for some privacy and such, but it’s nice to know that you can just as easily kick your feet up on the couch in the living room and share some travel stories with your pals. Also, since villa rentals in Belgium feature kitchens, you and your friends or family can enjoy a home cooked meal and all the satisfaction that comes with it. You will definitely want to get out and explore the Belgium dining scene, but you can also save some time and money by preparing snacks and some of your meals at your villa. This is an especially good thing for families who are traveling with kids. Sometimes, it’s a bit of a hassle trying to get the kids to a restaurant every time you get hungry, and when both the kids and the parents are worn out from a full day of sightseeing and such, being able to stay in for a meal is perfect.

In addition to Brussels and Brugge, visitors to Belgium’s northern and western reaches can also entertain the idea of renting a house in Antwerp, or on the Belgian coast. Much like Brugge, the seaside municipality of De Haan is one of the best places for finding villas in Belgium. De Haan is nestled between the popular seaside tourist destinations of Ostend and Knokke Heist. While both of these destinations also have vacation rentals available, they are mostly apartments. On average, the villa rentals in De Haan are very affordable, and while some might lack the touch of luxury that other villa rentals in Belgium offer, that’s just fine by most. You still get what most Belgium villas offer, including a full kitchen, ample furniture, cable TV, a stereo, a patio, or deck on which to relax and entertain, and more. You’ll also be close to a beach!

Don’t hesitate to look into Belgium house rentals in the southern and eastern regions of France as well. Wallonia, as the French-speaking region of Belgium is known, might not offer as many vacation rentals as Flanders does, but there are some beautiful properties. In the small municipality of Beaumont, for example, you’ll find a chateau boasting a double-digit amount of bedrooms. If you are looking to do some cycling during your Belgium vacation, this property is excellent, as it affords ample grounds and proximity to some nice trails. All the way over near the German border, a 300-year old farmhouse stands as one of the more attractive villa rentals in Belgium, not only because of its history and luxurious appointments, but also because of its location in the picturesque Ardennes. As is evidenced by properties like this one, the Belgium villas can be quite divine, though even if you stay in a more modest one, you’re bound to have a great stay.

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