Knokke Belgium is found near the Netherlands border on the North Sea coast, and this rather exclusive beach town is renowned for having some of the best Belgium beaches. Watersports enthusiasts will definitely feel at home here, as will seafood lovers who can indulge in the local catches of the day. The mussels are a must. There is also a casino here where you can add some gaming action to your Knokke Belgium itinerary, and a miniature train ride through the town streets is definitely recommended for kids of all ages.  

Knokke is part of the larger Knokke Heist Belgium municipality, which is comprised of five different resort areas. It is the main seaside resort in the municipality, and attracts quite a number of visitors in the warm summer months. While Knokke has become a bit less exclusive in recent years, its suburb of Het Zoute still exudes jet-set appeal. The opulent villas indicative of the residents’ economic status. You can stroll Het Zoute’s lovely streets, or rent a bicycle to navigate them, and the nearby Het Zwin Nature Reserve is also worth a look. Knokke vacations offer plenty to do and see, and Brugge is just fourteen miles away, so you can complement your Belgian beach experience with a visit to one of Europe’s most treasured cities.  

Of all the Knokke attractions, the beaches are among the most alluring. The long and sandy stretches here are great for swimming when the summer hits, though the water is a bit colder than what you might find in more tropical locales, such as the Caribbean or Mexico. Plenty of fun in the sun can be had on Knokke vacations, as there are facilities where you can rent equipment for activities such as jet skiing, sailing, and windsurfing. Volleyball can also be enjoyed on the Knokke Belgium beaches, as can sunbathing if you prefer to take it easy. The long Knokke Heist Belgium beachfront promenade is great for languid strolls, and you can always head into town for some great shopping and dining choices. The main shopping strip in Knokke is home to some upscale shops and art galleries, so you can certainly find plenty of high-end goods to peruse while shopping in Knokke.  

The aforementioned casino in Knokke, or Casino Knokke, is another one of the top Knokke attractions. Located just across from Albertstrand Beach, Casino Knokke is an elegant casino, its Art Deco building exuding class and style. Not only does Casino Knokke boast tons of gaming space with table games and slot machines, but it also has on hand a nice restaurant, a ballroom, several bars, and nightclubs where you can often catch some top European acts. Dress nicely if you want to get into this plush casino, and don’t forget to bring your passport to prove that you are 21 or older. Admission is free.

Admission may not be free at the Zwin Nature Reserve, but it is worth the small fee to get in. There are definitely Knokke attractions to fit a range of tastes and preferences, and nature lovers will surely want to check this reserve out. Though it is relatively small at 370 acres (150 hectares), the Zwim Nature Reserve is a joy to explore, and birdwatchers will want to bring their binoculars. Some 100 migratory and native bird species nest in this surviving coastal wilderness. Be sure to drop by the Butterfly Garden at the Zwin Nature Reserve when enjoying Knokke vacations, and the bookstore and restaurant here also offer some great diversions. For those interested in Knokke tours, guided tours of the Zwin Reserve can be enjoyed on Sundays between the months of April and September, which is when the park is open to visitors.  

Another fun idea for Knokke tours involves the aforementioned miniature train. You can book these 30-minute train rides at the Van Bunnenplein section of the beachfront promenade. It’s a fun way to do some sightseeing, and if you are traveling with young children, they will surely love it. Bicycle tours are also recommended, and riding along the Knokke Heist Belgium streets and bike paths is both a great way to get some exercise and do some sightseeing. There is a picnic area at the end of the Zeedijk where bikers like to picnic before making the trip back. For a diverse range of sceneries, take the Riante Polderroute, which is a 30-mile route for both bikes and cars. 

Knokke vacations are a great way to unwind in Belgium, and there is a selection of Knokke hotels to choose from once you get here. Should the exclusive nature of Knokke Heist Belgium seem a bit much for you, the less assuming beach resort town of Ostend is just 20 miles down the coast. Both destinations are worth a visit when enjoying Belgium’s coast, offering plenty to keep you busy. 

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