When making a stop in Leige, you will find yourself in the predominantly French-speaking Belgian region of Walloon. Found in the east toward the border of the Netherlands and Germany, this city on the Meuse River is shedding its industrial past and banking on a fresh start. It is known around Europe for its fun folk festivals, with the Fifteenth of August festival bringing in the most visitors. Even when there is not a festival going on in town, those enjoying Liege holidays will still be able to revel the city’s lively nightlife. Liege’s central pedestrian zone not only makes for a good starting point for Liege tours, but it also offers some pubs and bars that are known to stay open until the wee hours. Sightseeing, going out on the town, and just having an all around good time are what Liege travel is all about. By the way, don’t be thrown off if you hear some German, Dutch, Italian, and Walloon when visiting Liege Belgium, as this city has quite an international feel.

Liege Belgium was long a bone of contention among the ruling factions of Europe’s past. Its location made it a common target for all kinds of uprisings and invasions. With the 1815 passing of the Congress of Vienna, Liege joined the then United Kingdom of the Netherlands, though come the 1830 Belgian Revolution, it was ultimately incorporated into Belgium. Not long thereafter it became one of Europe’s top steel-producing cities. Conflicts were not a thing of the past for Liege, however, as German forces raided the city once in 1914, and again in the early 1940s. Though US forces eradicated the Germans by 1944, the city suffered a massive toll. Some 1,500 bombs, possibly more, were dropped on Liege during WWII, but thankfully, some historic Liege attractions have managed to survive it all. Visitors will have plenty to explore in Liege, and while the more historic parts of town unquestionably deserve a look, so too does the elegant new town, which boasts wide boulevards and attractive parks. 

Like many Belgian cities, Liege has a great city tourism office where you can not only arrange interesting Liege tours, but also get help finding a room at one of the Liege hotels. The Old City of Liege is where you will find some of the best Liege attractions. Among them is the Perron fountain. Found at the Place du Marche, this small monument that dates from 1697 is a symbol of La Cite Ardente, or The Fiery City, which Liege calls itself, and it is an enduring symbol of freedom. Not far from Place du Marche and the Perron is what is surely one of the top Liege attractions. No Liege tours should leave out a visit to the grandiose Place St Lambert, which is dominated by the large Palace of Justice. It was once a place for the city’s ruling prince-bishops, and work began on the edifice in 1526. A few different architectural styles characterize the Palace of Justice, with Gothic and Italian Renaissance reigning supreme. While enjoying Liege tours in the Old City, you will see a fine collection of old houses and buildings which are built predominantly in the Mosan Renaissance style.

Mosan was an art form that flourished in parts of Belgium and Germany from the eleventh to the thirteenth century, and the Mosan Renaissance form took shape afterwards, finding its real niche in the 1600s. The best example of the early Mosan style of architecture in Liege Belgium is the Church of St Bartholomew, which was originally erected in the early 1100s. Found at Place St Barthelemy, the Church of St Bartholomew has been modified over the centuries, but it still retains much of its Mosan appeal, which is quite Romanesque in nature. The Church of St Jacques is found at Place St Jacques and is another stop you’ll want to include while sightseeing in town. It’s easily one of the most beautiful churches in the city, especially if you duck inside for a look at its impressive vaulted ceiling.

After you’ve taken in some of the Liege attractions in and around town, you might fancy a climb of the 353 stairs that are the Montagne de Beuren. You can get a good view of Liege from the top, though it’s understandable if you pass on this one. If nothing else, the ascending stairs are neat to look at.  Should your Liege travel plans see you visiting between April and October, a cruise on the Meuse River is a fun and relaxing way to take in some of the city sights, and regardless of which month you visit, try to take in the Sunday street market in Liege if possible. It is one of the oldest and most interesting in Europe. Liege holidays are a wonderful thing, and it’s safe to say that this fun city will only get more popular with travelers in the future.

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