Mini Europe

If you have always wanted to tour about Europe but are a bit short on funds, then you can head to Brussels, Belgium and enjoy the next best thing. Mini Europe, or Mini Europa as it is called in Brussels, is a great attraction indeed. You’ll see great European monuments and buildings at Mini Europe, as well as other iconic images from the continent. Among the sights here are the Berlin Wall and Paris’s famed Montmartre, not to mention the Athens Acropolis and Italy’s bubbling Mount Vesuvius. The only thing is, these mini versions of the real deals are just one-twenty-fifth the size of the originals. If you’ve never been to an attraction quite like the Mini Europe Park in Brussels, you really should check it out when in town.  

Mini Europe, or Mini Europa should you prefer, is found near the base of the mesmerizing Atomium, which is a steel monument in Brussels that was built for the city’s 1958 World Fair. The models of various monuments from the European Union that are on show at Mini Europa are utterly fascinating. It’s hard to think that any visitor would find this Brussels attraction unappealing. The dazzling models here depict some of Europe’s most recognizable icons. They are intricate models that are of a high quality. Some of them cost upwards of $700,000 to make, which is an astounding amount when you stop to think about it. The mini reproduction of Brussels’s Grand Place is one of the more expensive models, and when you see the real thing during your Brussels visit, you’ll understand why.  

Not only were the various monuments at Mini Europe chosen for their status and quality, but also for their all around symbolism. Europe is a very diverse place with a lot of stunning attractions spread throughout the continent, though there are some structures and natural attractions that are more renowned than others. One of the more interesting models here is that of the Tower of Pisa, which is one of Italy’s most identifiable landmarks. It is made out of marble, which only helps to make it look all the more authentic. Another model that begs close observation is the mini city of Venice, complete with gondolas that navigate the picturesque canals. Should you actually head to the Galicia region of Spain, one of the more impressive buildings that you will come across is the grand Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. There is a model of that great church at the Brussels Mini Europe Park, and you might be interested to know that it took some 24,000 hours to construct. That is one thousand days worth of around-the-clock work!  

The bulk of the shrunken monuments that you will see during your Mini Europe Brussels visit were actually paid for by their home countries or by the region of their respective country from which they hail. While you are touring about the grounds here, you’ll almost feel like a giant who has been transported to the actual scene of the real attractions. Miniature trains and mills function as if there were someone behind them, and the aforementioned Mount Vesuvius actually erupts! Thankfully, these industrial-strength models are able to withstand the elements, so you can see them functioning even when its raining, for example. Mini Europa is closed for most of January and through to March, though you can visit it any other time of the year. The hours are generally from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., though they vary a bit with the season. In July and August, for example, the Mini Europe Park stays open until 7 p.m. There is an admission fee, which is well worth paying, and you’ll get a handy guide once you enter.  

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