Things to Do in Belgium

There are plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Belgium, and many Belgium attractions can be appreciated year round. Weather will affect some of the things that you might want to get into in Belgium, but that just means that you can enjoy something else. With lots of good museums, shops, restaurants, cafes, and pubs to choose from across the country, there’s never any reason to get bored on your Belgium vacation. Should you need help coming up with ideas for things to do in Belgium, the following suggestions cover some of the best of the best.

Grand Place

The Grand Place in Brussels is simply one of the most beautiful city squares in the entire world. Nothing can adequately prepare you for the first time you lay eyes on it, and you’ll likely find yourself wanting to return time and again. Often the site of events and festivals, Brussels’s main square is lively almost anytime. Its Christmas Market is something to behold in the winter. When it comes to Belgian tourist attractions, the Grand Place is one of the best, hands down.


The beautiful and well-preserved city of Brugge is quite akin to a time warp in that its old city retains most of its medieval architecture. The old center of town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is an ideal place for walking tours. Just be sure to bring some comfortable shoes for the cobblestone streets. This is Belgium’s premier vacation destination, and when you get here, you’ll know why.


During the warmer summer months of June and July, the Belgium beaches claim their spot among the favorite attractions of Belgium. Coastal destinations like Knokke, Ostend, and De Haan are ideal getaways when want to have some fun in the Belgian sun, though be forewarned that the Belgium beaches can get a tad crowded when its hot out, and especially in July and August. Book your hotel room in advance during the summer if spending time at or near one of the Belgium beaches is at the top of your list for things to do in Belgium.

The Carnival of Binche

There are a bunch of great festivals and events that take place throughout the year in Belgium, but few can rival the tradition and exuberance of the Carnival of Binche. Every February on the three days leading up to Lent, the town of Binche puts on its world-famous carnival, which is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s hard to sum up the experience of the Binche Carnival in Belgium. Should you be traveling to Belgium during the festival, consider adding it to your itinerary.

Belgium Chocolate Tours

All over Belgium, shops, factories, and museums that are dedicated to chocolate are in good supply, and you will be glad to know that many chocolate connoisseurs consider Belgium chocolate to be the best in the world. You can safely put chocolate tours on the list of things to do in Belgium, and the best part comes when you get to sample some of the product. Even if you don’t take a chocolate tour, enjoying a healthy amount of chocolate in Belgium is always a good idea.

Tour a Belgium Brewery

Like Belgian chocolate, Belgian beer is renowned. Belgium produces some 500 different kinds of beer, and that’s not counting the one-off brands, which are only offered for a limited time, then retired or put on hold until the next year. Some of the Belgium breweries are significant Belgium attractions in their own rights. This includes the Stella Artois factory on the north side of Leuven, and the Chimay brewery, where Trappist Monks make some of the world’s finest brews.


Even if you just moderately enjoy bike riding, you will have a blast when you go cycling in Belgium. The country boasts excellent bike trails and paths on the whole, and in the major cities, you will find bike racks where you can park your bike while you take in some of the Belgium attractions. Pedaling alongside a canal in northern Belgium is fun and relaxing, and should you head east for the more grueling terrain in the hilly Ardennes region, you can get a nice workout. Cycling tours in Belgium can involve Belgium alone, or other countries too, such as Holland and France.


Best enjoyed in the spring, summer, or fall, Belgium cruises are a great way to take in some of the Belgian tourist attractions. The country’s rivers and canals are top cruising waters, and you can enjoy short cruises or extended ones. As you go, you’ll watch the countryside languidly roll by, dotted by historic castles, charming towns, and plenty more. There are also Belgium cruises available that include stops in other European countries.


Some folks will be pretty surprised to know that when it comes to Belgium attractions, high quality golf courses are among them. Yes, golf in Belgium is pretty spectacular on the whole, and the rather numerous golf courses here tend to boast complete facilities, not to mention well-manicured fairways and greens.

Mini Europe

Of all the Belgian tourist attractions, Mini Europe, or Mini Europa as it is called in Belgium, is one of the more unique. You will find some of the most recognizable European monuments and landmarks at Mini Europe, though they are just one-twenty-fifth the size of the originals. See shrunken versions of the Tower of Pisa, Montmartre, and the aforementioned Grand Place in Brussels, for example, not to mention a list of other tantalizing structures. There’s even a bubbling model of Mount Vesuvius. Well worth the price of admission, Mini Europe is one of the Belgium attractions that you won’t forget anytime soon.

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