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Accommodations in Belgium tend to be expensive, which is not usually the case when it comes to Belgium transportation. Sure, you can always hail a cab and spend more than you’ll probably want to while trying to get from point A to point B, but you can save more by using Belgium public transportation. Whereas bus travel in Belgium leaves a good amount to be desired, take a train in Belgium and you’ll enjoy one of the world’s best rail systems. The cheapest way to get around in Belgium is walking, and while you are not likely to walk from one Belgian city to another, it’s a great way to explore specifics parts of a city or town.

When it comes to Belgium transportation, nothing can beat the Belgian rail system. When you take a train in Belgium, you can expect a clean car, timely service, and fair rates. The trains that connect the major Belgian cities are the fastest of the lot, though a local or regional train in Belgium will prove just as convenient. There are few places in Belgium that you can’t get to by taking a train, and there are various Belgian rail passes available that offer a set amount of trips at a discounted price. For destinations on your itinerary that can’t quite be reached solely by train, you can usually finish the trip by hopping on a regional or local bus.

Trams, which are basically electric trolley cars, are quite abundant in Belgium, and in cities like Antwerp and Brussels, you can also use the metro for getting around. Brussels by far boasts the best metro system in the country. One of the best trams in Belgium is that found on the coast. Covering all 42 miles of the Belgian coastline is the coastal tram, which is the world’s longest tram line. You can visit all the seaside towns and cities in Belgium by hopping on the coastal tram. Though it doesn’t fall under the category of Belgium public transportation, bicycling is a great way to navigate your way along the Belgium coast as well. In fact, bicycling anywhere in Belgium is a good way to get around, and you’ll find plenty of great bike paths and tracks all over the country. You can rent bikes in Belgium at major rail stations, or you can arrange to enjoy a bicycling tour. Some hotels in Belgium have bikes for guests to use.

Renting a car is a fairly easy proposition in Belgium, provided that you have held a driver’s license in your home country for at least a year. You will have to provide your driver’s license to secure a rental car in Belgium, and you will also have to meet the respective rental company’s age restrictions. Generally, if you are 21 years of age or older, you should find a rental car company in Belgium that is willing to work with you. A rental car in Belgium can be a compact, fuel-saving model, a more sporty or luxurious sedan, or even an SUV or a van. Should you decide to get a rental car in Belgium, you will enjoy the kind of freedom that the other Belgium transportation choices just can’t offer. Being able to pick up and head to any number of great Belgium destinations when you please is a significant convenience.

Last, but not least, cruising the rivers and canals by way of boat is just another way to get where you want to go in Belgium. River cruises can be extended, multi-day trips that involve more than one destination, but they can be shorter as well. Once you explore Brugge, for instance, it’s back on the boat to head over to Ghent, or perhaps you want to cruise from Liege to Dinant. Some boats in Belgium have onboard accommodations, which is the case on the Belgian barges. A Belgian bike and barge tour will involve getting around both by way of barge and by way of bike, making for a unique Belgian travel experience. The Belgian transportation options are varied and complete, and whether you rent a car in Belgium, hail a cab, or stick to Belgium public transportation, a long list of great destinations and attractions await you.

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