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Deciding when to go on Belgium holidays can depend on several factors, though sometimes it involves little more than figuring out when you can take some adequate time off from work. There are certainly plenty of fun and interesting things to do in Belgium regardless of when you visit, but when it comes to Belgium travel, there are some things that you will want to consider. Weather is a big factor for most, as certain activities in Belgium are best enjoyed during certain months, and should you be on a tight budget, you can travel in the off season to bring down your costs. All of the seasons have their advantages when it comes time to travel to Belgium, and you can certainly maximize your time come winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Belgium is not a large country, and because it is relatively flat, there are few regional weather variations to concern yourself with. The overall Belgium climate is pretty moderate, meaning that seasonal extremes are not the norm. You can expect mild rainfall and cloudy skies at pretty much any time of the year, though that doesn’t mean that the sun doesn’t shine in Belgium. Suffice it to say that the country gets its fair share of rain. You will always want to pack some sort of rain gear for your trip to Belgium, and even in the warmer summer months it’s a good idea to have a sweater or jacket handy. Belgium is at its coldest in December and January with average temperatures hovering around the 42 degrees Fahrenheit. July and August are the warmest months with average temperatures coming in at a comfortable 73 degrees. If your idea of fun Belgium holidays revolves around spending some time at a Belgium beach, you will definitely want to stick to the summer months. The summer weather in Belgium is also ideal for Belgium cruises, general sightseeing, and golf. July and August are the peak Belgium travel months, however, so you can expect an increase in rates for flights, accommodations, and other things.

For those looking to save a bit when it comes to Belgium holidays, visiting in the winter is a good option. You can generally find cheaper flights during the winter months, and hotels across the board lower their rates. You can also rent an apartment or villa in Belgium for less in the winter. Plus, there’s always hearty Belgian beer that you can turn to for that warm glow inside. Just be careful, as the beer in Belgium can get pretty strong. As for the peak summer season, it is flanked by both the spring and fall seasons, which are great times to travel to Belgium as well. In the spring, flowers are blooming, cafes are setting up their open-air tables, and folks are out strolling the picturesque Belgian streets. Head to the hilly Ardennes region in the east come autumn and you’ll see the trees emblazed in fall colors, which is a real treat. All in all, the Belgium weather is relatively moderate, and you can even play golf here year round!

Sightseeing is also something that can be done year round, so when making plans to travel to Belgium, remember that Belgium tourist attractions like the Grand Place are no less stunning in the colder months. Sure, that bicycling trip that you had in the back of your mind might not be ideal when its cold outside, but a chocolate shop tour will be no less satisfying. Plus, there are tons of great restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars in Belgium where you can cozy up to a cup of coffee, a pint of Leffe, or a savory multi-course meal. Travel to Belgium can not only be affected by weather, but also other things, like whether or not you have a specific festival or event in mind. There are lots of great Belgium festivals that you can enjoy throughout the year, but if there are specific ones that you have your eye on, that can definitely influence your Belgium travel decisions. Keep an open mind when planning your Belgium vacation, and have a great time when you finally get here.

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