Bosnia and Herzegovina Hotels

For a country with war and conflict in its recent history, there is a surprising choice available for Bosnia and Herzegovina hotels. Bosnia hotels, especially in the capital city of Sarajevo, have choices for every traveler, from low-budget backpackers to those with money burning a hole in their pockets. Accommodation in Bosnia typically comes with some amenities included, and you can expect to roll out of bed to a fresh breakfast as part of the price of your room. The different neighborhoods of Sarajevo offer a variety of prices and the opportunity to share the streets with locals. Don’t be surprised if once you check into a hotel in Bosnia, if you stay for a while.

Travelers with a little extra cash to spare can obtain excellent value at Bosnia and Herzegovina hotels. For approximately 70 to 90 euros a night, a room for two can be booked at a four-star hotel. If you’ve been on the road for a while, this is the splurge you’ve been waiting for. These Bosnia hotels typically have shuttle buses to bring you to the airport or the center of town for sightseeing, gourmet breakfasts, divine duvets and pillows, and the extra space you need to really relax. Examples of this type of accommodation in Bosnia are Casa Grande Hotel Ilidza (with a restaurant, king-size beds, Jacuzzi tubs, and satellite TV) and Hotel Alem (with a spectacular garden, sauna, live music, and massage treatment room).

If Sarajevo isn’t the place you plan to splurge, there are plenty of options for budget accommodation in Bosnia. While these choices may not include satellite TV, internet, airport transfers, or private bathrooms, they do offer comfortable lodging and usually complimentary breakfast. A new trend in Bosnia hotels is the growth of boutique hotels, affordable choices that are intimate in nature. These hotels offer guests the chance to get to know the staff and therefore see a more authentic side of Sarajevo. The city has become accustomed to the needs of international travelers, and many boutique hotels offer computers and wireless internet access to their guests. One example is Hotel Hecco, a cozy boutique option with internet.

Another popular destination in this part of the Balkans is Mostar. While some travelers choose to see this ancient city in a day, others prefer a more leisurely approach. In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina hotels are especially comfortable. Recent renovations and building have resulted in great options for all travelers, and old buildings with character have been transformed into modern accommodation options. Luxury four-star options are available to those who are willing to spend a little extra for a historical experience. The National Monument Muslibegovic House (pictured) is a great example of this—the building is more than 300 years old and now offers ten luxury suites to travelers.

Bosnia offers a great blend of past and present, especially at its hotels. Recent conflict means that renovations and rebuilding have had to take place, but local people were careful to preserve the character of buildings and attractions that would bring tourists. Hotels today offer visitors the chance to stay somewhere modern and comfortable while exploring ancient cities and mosques. Whether you arrive in Bosnia as part of a tour or as an independent traveler, you are sure to find a hotel that will meet your needs. Take the time to explore Sarajevo or Mostar, and you will surely find yourself fascinated by a resilient people and culture.

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