Mostar Herzegovina

Mostar Herzegovina is a city that is coming back to life. While the war destroyed many buildings in this city, it has slowly been rebuilt and is attracting more travelers each year. In 2004, Stari Most, or the old bridge, was repaired. The most recognized symbol of Mostar, Stari Most is an elegant bridge across the Neretva River. Most tourists travel to Mostar after they’ve seen a photograph of the bridge and the ancient town on either side of the river. A blend of cultures, shops full of crafts, and entertaining locals who jump off the bridge and into the adventure for thrills all make travel to Mostar worthwhile and interesting.

Travelers can reach Mostar Herzegovina by bus or air. A small airport connects Mostar to other European cities such as Zagreb in Croatia and Istanbul in Turkey. If you’re already traveling in the region, a bus is an affordable way to travel, as connections for travel to Mostar are available in Zagreb, Sarajevo Bosnia, and Dubrovnik. A train station also connects Mostar to Zagreb, Sarajevo, and Budapest. A bank and ATM are available in the city, and you may find yourself tempted to take out a little extra cash to purchase some of the handmade goods you’ll find throughout the city.

Travel to Mostar feels like stepping back in time. On one side of the Mostar Bridge is the ancient Ottoman quarter with its cobbled streets and sixteenth-century mosques. The area is considered a haven for local artists, who display their work at workshops throughout the town. Cafés are plentiful in this area of town, and old Turkish houses make for an interesting sight. On the other side of the bridge, restaurant terraces are cut into the rocky cliff face, all offering great views of Stari Most and the river. A pleasant afternoon spent at one of these restaurants makes it hard to believe that war and conflict is not too far in the past for Mostar.

There are attractions in Mostar Herzegovina that remind visitors just how ancient the city is. The City Baths and Gymnasium have endured from Austro-Hungarian times, and a variety of cultural influences can be seen in architecture throughout the city. With the mountains as a stunning backdrop to the city, Mostar is a favorite for many tourists traveling the region. It has enough tourist traffic to be safe and contain basic amenities, but isn’t too crowded to have lost its authentic touch. And while the old bridge was rebuilt and reopened in 2004, it still has an ancient feeling that portrays to visitors how it must have been in the past.

While Mostar hotels are available, some people find themselves in the city just for a day before moving on. You’re sure to see some shells of buildings during your tour in the city, but they are gradually reducing as building is taking place. Travelers can see some of these rebuilt attractions, including the mosques, and if you're especially interested in the history of the bridge, the Museum of Herzegovina is also located in Mostar, and it provides some interesting information on the city's most famous landmark.

Mostar Herzegovina


Mostar Herzegovina is a city that is coming back to life. While the war destr...

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